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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

SO Happy…Digging Deep Spark Schedule AND Registration now Posted!

It’s all there now. Go take a look and marvel at the great feast and then register to be “at the table.” We hope we do not have to limit the crowd, but then again, we hope we do. We want to fill up our building, but mostly, we’re praying to fill our hearts and cups and shovels and all those other metaphors with the Word. When we do this, we will fill our homes and churches with the good kind of growth. We will be better able to populate heaven. And, for now, we will get a little taste of it (heaven) in Huntsville, Alabama. Go register here:  It’s worth taking off work. It’s worth driving a great distance. It’s worth taking kids out of school. It’s worth flying or car-pooling or pray-cationing with your vacation fund. It’s an investment that keeps maturing through this life and beyond. Just. SO. Excited!

Diggers register early, so we will be sure we all get in! The recap, awards, and reveal will all happen here! All the new materials for the 2021-22 study will be available here, too. Live-streaming of awards and reveal and recap will be coming from Huntsville.  You know you want to come! 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

PTP Spark Registration Opens Monday!

It’s almost time to register! Lots of you have been waiting and planning and encouraging those who are working to make this happen.  It’s August 22-25 at West Huntsville church of Christ. It’s a free event, but you do have to register to attend. The registration info and schedule will be available on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. CST here: . Registration will be open (as long as there’s space to accommodate) until August 10th, so be sure to reserve your spot early.

Dig-a-bits for the month of June are on the way. Podcast is the 29th. The reveal, awards and intro to the new study will all be happening at Spark and will be live-streamed for diggers who just can’t make it. But you will be blessed if you DO make it, for sure. Guest speakers are some of your favorites and there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot to do in Huntsville, too, so be sure to reserve a spot for visiting the Space and Rocket Center, Bridge Street, or take a hike on beautiful Monte Sano. You may even want to run over to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro and see what folks have lost on the plane.

Be sure you’re there Monday morning to look over the schedule and to register. You can register in a group or as a family or individual. But we need registration info from every participant.

Can you tell this is exciting for the family here in Huntsville? Come on and we will treat you like family, too!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Quick Friday Blurbs

Save the date for PTP Spark at West Huntsville. August 22-25. You are going to want to be here. Digging Deep reveal, elder training classes for your husbands and teen boys, Make and Take for Moms and daughters, Prayer session for women…just a bunch of stuff your soul needs! Mark it down. Registration ready and up any day. Watch here! (The fellowship is what I might need the most!) Registration is free and this is worth your flight or road trip and hotel. Watch here for the schedule, too!

If you’re in North Alabama, you are going to want to have your kids/grandkids at Family Bible Week at West Huntsville on July 18-21. It’s all about the parables this year. The crew I’m in will be presenting to your kids’ minds the amazing truth about man’s foolishness when leaving God and  God’s compassion for sinful mankind through the parable of the Prodigal Son. I hope your family  can be there for that. Homemade ice cream contest on Wednesday night!

And about Wuhan and Fauci...It should not surprise us at all that a communist party, totally void of respect for God and life, may have been covering up a virus leak at the Wuhan lab while putting the world at risk. It should not surprise Christians that a man who is a self-proclaimed humanist (though having Catholic roots) may have participated in that cover-up. Humanism is void of Jehovah-imposed morality, of course, and respect for life comes directly from God, who engineered it. (That’s why Fauci is able to make announcements proudly about the removal of abortion funding blocks in Mexico, put in place by a former administration.) When people decide that God does not exist or that He is irrelevant (i.e. His precepts can be ignored) the path from there is fraught with dishonesty, destruction and death. Our faith keeps us from being surprised. But our faith keeps us prayerful and vigilant, too, for the future of our families. Praise God for the final destination when we’ve made our way through the chaos that’s the material here and now.


Have a great weekend to His glory!





Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Heads up for Diggers! Save this Date for PTP Spark!

I’m very excited to tell you about the first-ever Digging Deep PTP-SPARK. SPARK is a mini-PTP program for local congregations to present to area churches/Christians the vibrant enthusiasm and sound teaching that goes on at Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, TN each August.

We’re having a Digging Deep SPARK at West Huntsville! Dates are August 22-25, 2021 and great speakers are currently being lined up. This is for all Christians, but especially diggers, husbands, kids… there’s something for everybody.

Exciting events will happen throughout this week. More info soon. Watch here. But start making your plans now! It’ll be what you thought you were missing this August!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

It Takes a SPARK!

SPARK, Hot Springs, is in the books now and I am going to keep touting the spiritual advantages of attending one of the SPARK lectureships when one of these programs, jointly hosted by Polishing the Pulpit and a local church, visits your area. There are some things you can count on in a SPARK program. One is sound teaching and lots of it. Another is a feeling that your hosts really want you to be there and are appreciative of the distances driven and the effort expended by those attending. Yet one more is the sweet fellowship that grows into lifelong Christian friendships within the community of fellow believers with whom you are spending the week. 

I often hear of the good old days when gospel meetings lasted for a couple of weeks and multiple baptisms occurred. I think those two-week meetings really had nothing on this intensive lectureship that included more lessons than a two-week gospel meeting and likely fewer distractions from the world in between the messages from the pulpit. And this lectureship included three baptisms as of the time I left. One young lady, Callie, confessed the Lord and put him on in baptism prior to the beginning of the service on Tuesday night. Then later, as the invitation song was being sung, another young lady, walked down the aisle and asked to be immersed for the remission of sins. Then as we bowed for the closing prayer, a dad shouted from the back, “Wait, we’re not done yet,” and one more was baptized before we went home. (Their pictures are here.) I could have stayed and done that all night! SPARK could be the catalyst–the spark–for the kind of zeal and Bible knowledge that characterized those good old days in the mid twentieth century when the church was spreading like wild fire. Sparks make wild fires!

My favorite session was the Digging Deep class we had on Monday. We had fourteen congregations of diggers represented from seven states. If you don’t think that kind of meeting is exhilarating, your shovel is dull. It was an amazingly encouraging fellowship representing a larger and purposeful study fellowship. God is just good all the time, but you see glory clearly in a room full of diggers who are chiming in with enthusiasm about nuggets they’ve found on the glory dig. 

But it’s also hard to top the “response” we had in the women’s class on Tuesday. That was the day we discussed the command to love our husbands from Titus 2. We discussed how that love, in that passage is phileo in the Greek—friendship love.  I urged women to find something they could enjoy doing with their husbands; to even learn to love some hobby that’s important to a spouse. So one brave soul went home that night to a husband who asked her for the thousandth time to try and “get a deer” with him. “I’ve got one in my sights, already,” he said and you don’t know how much I would love for you to kill this deer. All sorts of things that she’d rather do came quickly to mind (You know, dishes, washing her hair, having a root canal…) And then phileo, from our class, came to mind and she  said “Okay, let me try.” 

This pretty little wife and mother of three shot that eight point buck with a crossbow, hitting  him right in the heart (the spot you’re going for) and the 9:30 p.m. moonlight found her in the woods tracking and then field dressing her deer, alongside her husband. She said “I was way more excited than I thought I would be. It was fun! My heart was pounding. But my husband!…Oh!… I could not believe the look on his face when he realized I was going to do this! That look was worth it all. And I will be hunting again soon!” 

Ezra, my grandson who just turned five, really wanted me to “hurry up and finish teaching those ladies.” He gets impatient when he can’t reach me for our regular FaceTime sessions. He told me to just tell them that “God does everyfing fuh us. And Mammy, if dey obey God, den give dem a pwize. But if dey don’t do what God says, den don’t give ‘em one.” 

Well that’s pretty much just a big over-simplification of what the week was about. We are going to get a big prize if we obey. Let’s all be around that throne for the sweetest fellowship of all!