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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Less Like Sapphira. More like Priscilla.

Two women in the book of Acts that are only ever mentioned in Scripture alongside their husbands .


(Acts 18, Romans 16, 1 Corinthians 16, 2 Timothy 4)

 …was financially blessed

…did manual labor alongside her husband.

…provided competent missionary hands for Paul when he was busy elsewhere.

…had Bible study in her home and helped teach someone the gospel.

…had a first century congregation regularly meeting in her home.

…Intentionally willed to lay down her life at the apostle Paul’s feet.  

…stuck with the persecuted apostle Paul, alongside her husband till the bitter end.


(Acts 5)

…was financially blessed

…talked about how to retain more for self.

…was willing to impede the gospel by deceit.

…planned a lie in her home.

…was willing to carry her lie to the apostle Peter’s feet.

…unintentionally gave her life for the lie.

…stuck with her husband and her lie to the bitter end. 

God used both the truthful gospel-bearer and the liar to advance His cause. He can still do that today. He can use a liar like Sapphira to glorify His name and instill reverence in the church. But I want to be the truth-bearer, so that I can have heaven. I want to use my home for conveyance of truth rather than conception of lies (Acts 5:4). I hope someone can go to heaven because truth was told /discussed around my table. I want to be more like Priscilla.

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