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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This I Know, that God is for Me.

Sometimes there are days when I’m all out of sorts

When enemies emerge from former cohorts. 

When I am so weary at setting of sun

I can’t process knowing my work’s just begun.

Sometimes my heart’s breaking over somebody’s sin,

But each time I turn, there’s a crisis again. 

No time to grieve over today’s mournful losses 

Just picking up pieces and heavy new crosses. 

But one thing is certain, and really that thing

Is the one thing that matters and makes my heart sing.

God’s still on the throne, and around every bend

There may be His answer, for He knows the end.

He knows the reason for burdens I bear.

He knows inequities, when life seems unfair. 

He knows the consequence for all of my steps

He knows, He cares. He pities and helps. 

He is the refuge. I am the hidden.

He’s the commander. I am the bidden.

He is the rest-giver. I am the weary.

He has the tear-bottle. My eyes are teary. 

He is the strength. I am the weak.

He offers comfort. It’s comfort I seek.

He is the Prophet. I need to know.

He is the way. In Him I can go.

He is the truth. I was lost till I knew it.

He is the life. I am just walking though it.

He is my portion. I am the filled.

He is the Spirit. I am the sealed.

He is the Father. I am the child. 

He is the Christ. I’m reconciled.

He is the hope. I am the clinging.

He’s the Redeemer about which I’m singing. 

He is my only. I am just one.

He is the end. I’ve just begun.

He is the buckler. My arm is weak.

He’s the revealer. I’m but to seek. 

He is the door. I am the guest.

He is the answer to every request.

He is the treasure. I’m on the search.

He is the Founder. I’m in the church.

He is the succorer. I am the babe.

He’s the Provider, come to my aid.

He is the beauty from ashes to make.

My all-in-all. I will never forsake!


You have kept count of my tossings;

put my tears in your bottle.

Are they not in your book?

Then my enemies will turn back

in the day when I call.

This I know, that God is for me.

In God, whose word I praise,

in the Lord, whose word I praise,

in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.

What can man do to me?

from David in Psalm 56

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Back to School $12 or $20 Special (You can save $10.45)!

11845918_10153165486854069_742535851_nBack-to-School days mean chaos in Walmart, followed by the homeschoolers’ favorite time of year in that store—the days before you’ve officially started your home school, but all the other schools are in session. Walmart is relatively peaceful every day from 8 to 3. Your kids can roam the toy aisle while you are a couple of aisles over in the health and beauty section and you can actually hear their conversation. That’s when you love home schooling.

Of course, you moms with kids in “regular” school are thinking “But I get to go to Walmart at that time and I’m just fine NOT hearing my kids!”

But, for all moms, there are challenges that come with the Back-to-School days. We worry about what they are learning if they are at school. We worry about what they are NOT learning (that they should be) if they are at home. We worry about keeping our sanity when someone we do not even know is teaching our kids and we surely worry about keeping it if WE are teaching them.

But all of us, whether the kids are leaving home for school or not, are facing new calendar challenges. Commitments collide with limitations and it takes a real mom to make sure everything that’s supposed to happen does happen and that it all happens in sync.

So the Poems, Prayers and Promises planner is for all moms (poems and planner pages) and Cindy Colley on Homeschooling is for those who are doing it (homeschooling) or want to encourage someone who is doing it. It’s especially for those who are on the fence about doing it. The Back-to-School $12 or $20 Special is just what it seems. You get either product for 12 dollars or both for 20. (The planner is regularly $15.95, so you save $3.95 when you buy that one. The homeschooling book is regularly $14.50, so you save $2.50 when you purchase the book. Buy both and you save $10.45!)

You can access the special by clicking on the links above.


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sounds of God








A basketball bouncing on my drive;

A soft little song from a girl of five;

The buzz of bees, a whistling breeze:

The splash of the shower, the crash of a tower.

Disposal trashing, compactor smashing;

Clocks dinging, doorbell ringing;

Rain falling, children calling;

Vacuum roaring, someone snoring.

CNN bringing the voice of our nation

While Mama is chatting in phone conversation;

A guitar strumming, a dryer humming;

A microwave zapping, a little pup yapping.

Piano scales practiced on old worn out keys;

Fireside conversations of old memories;

The sqeaking of rockers on tired rocking chairs;

The patter of feet going up and down stairs.

The laughter at dinner, the jokes of a child;

The living room wrestling when everyone’s wild;

The squibbles and squabbles of small girls and boys;

My! How God blessed us with all of this noise!

A Father is telling the story of old;

A hymn in the night when the story is told;

The children petition their Father in prayer.

Sweet sounds of our home , for He lives with us there.

Do you ever take time at your house to be still

And listen with ears that are tuned to His will?

To sounds of His blessings…to voices that pray?

Does God live at your house?  Have you heard him today?

Cindy Colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: My Legacy

MassGraveI’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Whatever it is that I’d like to leave behind, I’d better get busy accumulating and organizing. Grandmothers had better start thinking about what matters and what doesn’t. As the song says, “Today we are here, but tomorrow may see…just a grave in the vale and a memory of me.” But I will be in conscious existence in one of two unbelievably different places. And, even if a pauper, I will leave much behind. It will be more than any little treasures (or trash) that my children may find when opening drawers, safes, old Bibles or even documents. It’s not about being morbid. It’s about the reality of how I’m living now. Just what will I leave?

When the last line has been written
And my time on earth is through,
What will my friends remember
When they see my empty pew?

Will they say I’ve gone to glory
And declare with certainty?
Or wonder if his grace is vast
Enough for even me?

Will they say, “This church will miss
Her great example to our youth”?
Will they say I led them Heavenward
If they really tell the truth?

What of my home and family?
If I reach my present goals,
Will I leave behind a spotless house
Or blood-cleansed spotless souls?

My legacy for others…
Just what’s on the bottom line?
If it’s figured all in dollars
I’ll leave every cent behind.

But if my kids’ inheritance
is faith and Purity
Then they Are very rich!
My Legacy will follow me!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Forgive Me

SI ExifNo time today. I mean, seriously, no time. I’m going to savor the time with my Dad today while we make the rounds to two doctors and while I set a trap for that pesky mouse. Then, while my good husband loads firewood, I am going to clean and do laundry and make cornbread for Dad’s refrigerator. I’m going to look at that sore toe and talk with him about things you need to talk to a ninety-two-year old about. Then I am going to head home and get the cabin ready for some favorite people who are headed our way.

So, today, here’s a poem from the archives. It was written when our daughter, Hannah, left for college, about 8 years ago. It was written in the planner we left on her desk in her new dorm room.

Sad day. But we are glad she left us. If she had never gone, she could not have brought back our Ben and EZRA! We love you more than ever, Boo!

Forgive Me

(or  “Goodbye to Hannah”)

Forgive me if I’m just a little bit sad.

I really shouldn’t be.

This is what we raised you for.

Today we set you free.

Forgive me when I shed a tear

As I walk out that door.

Tearful prayers have brought you here,

So I may cry once more.

Forgive me if I worry

When I crawl in bed at night.

Forgive the calls and emails

Just to make sure you’re alright.

If you ever want to phone me

Even if it’s late at night;

Or if you need a place to come

Where we’ve left on the light…

If you need my arms, a home-cooked meal,

Or a weekend shopping buddy,

A proofreader, dress mender, washer or maid

Or just a quiet place to study…

Home is open…even on Sundays.

We do laundry, ironing and meals.

We still change oil and gas up your car.

We’ll wash it and balance your wheels.

It’s amazing how we spent the past 7000 nights

Trying to get you quiet and in bed.

And now that your bedroom is silent and dark.

We wish it was noisy instead.

Funny how we tired of that telephone ringing.

You constantly tied up our line.

But, honey, if you need to tie it up now.

I think it will probably be fine

So don’t hesitate if you need us.

We’re available 24/7.

And telling our story and your bedtime prayer

Is still closest in this life to heaven.


Cindy Colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Winner of the GRAND contest: Anna Adams

christmas cardAnna Adams is the winner of the annual Bless Your Heart contest. She submitted a great story about her grandfather who was determined for her to believe in Santa! Contact me, Anna, and receive your prize from

For today and everyday, remember He came to die for us when we were yet sinners….



Till Jesus

No offering for sin, No day at life’s end,

No victory to win…till Jesus.

No light in the night , no strength for the fight,

No plan for my plight…till Jesus.

No redemption story, no Bethlehem glory,

No empty grave, no power to save,

No gospel for taking to all of the nations,

No people of God for sanctification,

No song for the angels, no purpose, no peace,

No rest for the soul, for its guilt,no release.

No Shepherd leading, no one interceding

No self sacrifice, no pearl of great price.

No Saviour slain, no blessing in pain,

No heaven to gain…till Jesus.

No crosses to bear, no comfort in prayer,

No crown to wear…till Jesus.