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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Princess Gonzorella

It’s predatory and unfair to introduce gender dysphoria to preschoolers. Conditioning children to be accepting of and to normalize “changing” genders by dressing this propaganda in their favorite muppet babies is insidious and typical of the father of lies.

Parents, we have to be ever vigilant. I cannot single-handedly roll back the tidal wave of the influence of the LGBTQ movement, but I can shield the children who spend lots of time at my house from this wicked assault on their innocence. We started out shielding them by only permitting kids you-tube (not generic you-tube) on our devices and limiting the time even with that. But now, kids you-tube is spotted with various forms of wickedness and has been invaded by the LGBTQ agenda. It’s all too accessible unless you are sitting right there with your kids every moment. Any careless exposure to network television, cable tv, Netflix or Amazon Prime has long since been harmful to our families. 

But this?! Let’s be discerning with availability in our homes, promotion (buying of toys and parapernalia) and exposure (allowing our kids to be with other kids unattended who may have access to devices). Let’s be the parents (and grandparents) and make sanctification a priority. Gone are those days when we could be Christians and still be much like the communities in which we live. It’s no longer just about abstaining from the appearance of evil in our own actions. It has to be about being sure we are not in the “approval” group:

Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them (Romans 1:32).

 I recently had a thirteen-year-old in the car with me after a youth event. She told me about a cousin who had decided she was gay. This cousin asked her what she thought about this “change”. In telling me about this conversation with a young cousin, she indicated that she, herself (the young girl in my car), could be supportive of this choice without ever being tempted to make the same choice. This kind of thinking comes from an early saturation of an approving media and indoctrination in school; a media and education system that makes our children “feel” gentle and loving if they approve the LGBTQ movement and “feel” harsh and unloving if they call it sin. 

And yes. Of course, Romans one places other sins we should loathe in this category. And every time our children are introduced to any of them in a powerfully approving context (especially before they can understand the complex issues surrounding them), we should vigilantly wrap them in our protective arms and be ever more determined that we, as parents, will be the ones in charge of dispensing information to them from the heavenly Father’s omniscient perspective. Telling a child about sexual “preferences” and transient gender identification in any context, much less an approving context, prior to elementary school is an unthinkable predatory pre-school brainwashing. They, in such cases, are victims who cannot contextualize, in any sense, this information. 

I’m praying today for godly parents who are sincerely and precariously trying to navigate the path to launching godly adults in a society that so desperately needs their collective voice for Him. Parental protection and provision often call for much prayer and prohibition.

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