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Questions and Answers: Passage about Miracles

Question: Other than I Corinthians 13, is there another passage to show that miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased?
Answer: Well, I believe Acts 8 is a very good passage to use to prove that the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased when the apostolic age ended. Notice that Philip taught the people in Samaria the gospel (vs.12). They believed and obeyed. But they did not have the miraculous gifts until apostles (Peter and John) came to lay hands on them (vs.14-17). This chapter even tells about a man (Simon) who was baptized, saw how the miraculous gifts were passed on and wanted the ability to pass on these gifts by laying his hands on people. Simon was denied and reprimanded (vs. 18-22). This chapter shows us that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were miraculous. It shows us that the only way these gifts were given was by the apostles laying their hands on saved people. (These saved people in Samaria had to wait on Peter and John to get to Samaria before they could have these gifts of the Holy Spirit.) It follows then, that since all the apostles are dead and the only way to get the gifts is through “laying on” of apostles’ hands, then miraculous gifts have ceased. The gifts ceased when the last people on whom the apostles laid their hands had died. This is one of my favorite places to go when discussing the fact that miracles have ceased. It leaves no question about how miraculous gifts were given, thus no question that they have ceased.
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