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John Robert is an Early Bloomer! (and other pertinent stuff)

The travel to Indianapolis to speak to ladies this weekend was a gift. God’s good like that. Sometimes the blessings at home are large, but become obscured by my weak human mind in the midst of everyday life’s stresses or the common discouragements that we all face at times. I got to go with my favorite person on the planet to a place where the high today (Saturday) was 71 degrees. (Sorry for your heat advisory this weekend, Huntsville people.) I’ve never seen a congregation that knows how to do hospitality better than those friends at Shelbyville Road. Even as we hurried off to the airport, Mrs. Lois handed us Chick-Fila cards for our lunch-on-the-run. That big bag of hotel goodies and snacks was something else, too. I loved it, but I cannot eat chocolates at 4 pm and almonds at midnight every day, for sure! Family in Him is always far better to us than we deserve! We are constantly indebted to many for much. 

Some have been asking about the prices for the Digging Deep materials/swag that will be introduced at PTP Spark on August 23rd. Some of you have told me you’re planning to take home enough to share with all the sisters in your congregation. We have none of it in hand yet, but all has been ordered and promised by Spark-ignition on August 22nd. 

Here’s what we will have this year:

Study books ( deluxe spiral bound): $17.50 each

Bundle of six or more study books: $16.50 each

Study books (downloadable, printable): free of charge

T-shirts (Comfort Colors): $18.50

Long-sleeved hoodies (sweat shirt type): $29.00

Book and T-shirt bundle: $34.00

I hope this is helpful. 

Speaking of PTP Spark…We will close the registration on August 14th. ( We’ve had a great response and have already changed our Sunday potluck to an express bagged take-away lunch because of the bulging crowd. That’s a great problem to have! Our kids’ classes are filling quickly and the excitement in our diggers is perhaps at an all-time high. We hope you can come! Our outside speakers are exceptional (and so are Lisa, Lindsey, Emily, Carol, Holly and Glenn Holmes! =) We have even named one of Spark’s guest speakers after the event, itself…Celine Sparks! Come on! Bring a saucer, because your cup will overflow! Don’t forget to email Shannon and Sophia Bond ( if you want to make a cute plaid pumpkin (pictured here) while you enjoy fellowship with other Pumpkin artisans. 

One more of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. John Robert Moon, at five days old attended all sessions of our marriage seminar this weekend and he lives a couple of hours from Indianapolis where the seminar occurred! (Talk about planning ahead! He should be all ready by the time he’s choosing a spouse!) He attended worship last Sunday morning in-utero while his mom was beginning labor for his delivery and he has already attended one additional gospel meeting in the middle of this week since his delivery. Okay! I simply stand amazed! I got to hold him for a few minutes, play with those little still-blue-ish toes and search for an escape route to sneak him away with me! Alas, I did come home without him. I love cuddling blessings so fresh from God!

Israel is still on for November of 2022. Diggers only may register for that trip during the remaining months of 2021. (… Dates are kind of confusing perhaps on this link, but the trip is an AUTUMN trip.)  Then we will open that up to all Christians. It’s an amazing trip. I mean, it’s the best I’ve ever heard of in Israel…and ROME, this time! Imagine Israel without denominational or Catholic trappings…just worshipping and learning with fellow Christians! Blessings on all your plans for Him! In all your plans acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

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