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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep: Fearless Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s Persecution

Jeremiah_lamentingIn case you want to put this list with your Digging Deep notes for the month of March, here’s a list of Jeremiah’s persecutions and his reactions to the trials inflicted. This article by Wayne Jackson gave us the basic list:….Then we searched for Jeremiah’s responses.) May we be modern-day ‘Jeremiah’s in the, thus far, relatively benign situations of persecution. Stay tuned, though. Our faith is putting us in some pretty vulnerable places. Our God is still ‘with us to deliver us’ (Jeremiah 1:8). 

  1. People desired his life (11: 18-20)….He took his case to God in prayer (vs. 20)
  2. His countrymen turned against him (12:6)
  3. False prophets contradicted him…. (15:10)….He begged for personal exemption from the punishments (15:15-18).
  4. He was hit, put in stocks and denounced (chapter20)….He HAD to keep on speaking (vs. 9).
  5. His heart was broken (23:9)….He reflected on God’s sovereignty (vs. 13-20).
  6. He was seized and threatened with death (26:8-24)….He spoke more boldly (vs. 12-15).
  7. His teachings were strongly and visibly opposed (ch. 28)….Jeremiah spoke all the more boldly and pointedly (vs. 12-17)
  8. He was imprisoned (32:2,3)….He listened to the words of the Lord (32:6).
  9. The king burned the roll of prophecy (36:23)
  10. He was chased (36:26)….God hid him and he made a new roll in place of the one burned by the king (vs. 26, 27)
  11. He was beaten and imprisoned (37:15)….After many days in prison, when he was called out, he spoke as boldly as ever (vs. 17).
  12. He was thrown in the dungeon without food and he sunk in the mire (38:6)….He came out speaking truth (vs. 17,18).
  13. He was bound in chains (40:1)….He went straight to the governor with God’s truth (40:7-16).
  14. He was falsely accused and taken, with the captives, to Egypt (43:2)…He continued to speak truth to the captives in Judah and to the Egyptian captors, as well. Fearless. (ch.44, 46).
Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: 17 Prayers that Will Make You Better

crumpled-bed003Yep, I Believe I’ll Be Okay…

As I pillowed my head last night I realized that I’d slept approximately 2 hours the previous night. Then, due to traveling through some time zones, I was up for about 21 hours straight. I had a speaking engagement in that 21 hours along with a couple of flights. I started to think a bit about how tired I was and I started wondering about how long I can go on doing this sort of ridiculous schedule. I wondered that for about about five seconds there on that pillow and I have no memory of what happened after that. =) This morning I am back in the book of Jeremiah and, when I think about the dungeon of mire, the dank prison, the hunger—then the one piece of bread per day, the scoffing and the loss of those dear to him, I believe I’ll be okay here in this soft bed in this  nice hotel room where gifts awaited my arrival, transportation was graciously provided, supper was prepared for us in a fellowship hall, and someone is coming to clean my quarters while I am out today. In fact, when I look at these prayers of Jeremiah, I think I’ll be okay till I reach the gates of the eternal home place. Here are the prayers. I’m glad we looked at the prayers of Jeremiah in our Digging Deep study. It was a much-needed exercise for me. He is one of the greatest men of scripture.

(…AndI hope, if you have fallen behind in your study, (as is easy to do), you won’t skip Jeremiah, because he will make you more fit for heaven!)

Digging Deep Study

Prayers of Jeremiah:

  1. 1:6 —The “I don’t think I can do this” prayer.
  2. 4:10—The “Lord, You said this, but do you really mean it?” prayer.
  3. 5:3—The “Lord, this is worse than I thought” prayer.
  4. 10:6-8–The “You can do all things” prayer.
  5. 10:23-25—The “Please correct me, but be patient with me” prayer.
  6. 11:20—The “Please avenge my enemies” prayer.
  7. 12: 1-4—The “How long will bad people prosper?” prayer.
  8. 14:13—The “But Lord, there are so many false prophets” prayer.
  9. 14:19-22—The “Is there no hope for Judah?” prayer.
  10. 15:15-18—The “Lord, pick me out and save me” prayer.
  11. 16:19—The “Gentiles will have their day” prophetic prayer.
  12. 17: 13-18—The “ Remember, I have been true to You” prayer.
  13. 18:19-23—The “ Please do something about this persecution” prayer.
  14. 20:7—The “I’m about done” prayer.
  15. 20:12—The” But You will make this right” prayer.
  16. 32:16—The “There is nothing too hard for You” prayer.
  17. 42:3—The “Can they start over?” prayer.