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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Mamas, You will want this!

We’re very excited to be bringing SOON a book for kids ages 7-12 written by Hannah Colley  and exploring doctrinal issues on a kid-friendly level. It seems to us at The Colley House that there’s a void of plain teaching about the nature of the church, the authority of the Word and the unique features about the Biblical things we teach–things like God’s truth on marriage and divorce, His plan for church leadership, the nature and the “why” of baptism and so much more. So Hannah presents a typical, but imaginary, family working through these issues in their Family Bible Times. I’m collaborating with her and I could not be more pleased. This is going to be great for YOUR Family Bible Time, too. I cannot wait for you to see it.

Here’s a blurb:

…Speaking of big and mature, apparently you start to think about things a lot more when you’re 8. Big people things. Take what I thought about and learned this week, for instance. I was playing with my friend Maddie a few days ago while our moms were drinking coffee downstairs. Maddie is a lot older than me—she’s 12–and has long straight blonde hair and braces.  Maddie was saying something about how her family always goes to the lake on Sundays in the summertime. I said, “On Sundays? You mean you don’t go to church on Sundays?”  She smiled at me and said, “I know church is really important to your family, Jane. That’s your truth. But my family thinks you can find God everywhere, especially out in nature, like at the lake—you don’t have to be at church to know God. That’s my truth, and it’s okay if it’s not the same as yours.” 

Well, I just sat there without saying anything else because I’d never heard anyone talk like that before. What did she even mean MY truth and HER truth, and whoever heard of going to the lake on Sunday? Didn’t her parents teach her that that’s the Lord’s Day? I was confused. 

That night, during our family Bible time, I asked my dad about what Maddie said. I told him how she said her family goes to the lake on Sundays and that when I asked her why they don’t go to church on Sundays, she said that my truth was different from her truth. 

My dad said that Maddie had probably been brought up around something called relativism. He asked if I knew what that was…. 

I think you are going to want this book. It makes Family Bible Time easier without making it less efficient. It will build spiritual muscles and security. It will, prayerfully, help you  put your  little souls around the throne.

While you are waiting, don’t forget the Hope series. It’s helping hundreds already. Our goal is daily spiritual injections that give kids better Satan immunity.  We can do this!

All are found here:

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

HOPE set featured in Christian Family Magazine

This is exciting news for the new HOPE set from The Colley House. Christian Family magazine featured the set in its winter issue. Thanks to editors, Moises Pinedo and Paul Holland, for capturing the purpose and plan for this family or congregational Bible study program for all ages. We’ve been excited for a while about this five part set. It’s a study guide, a game, a timeline, flash cards and an application card set. It’s at least a year of learning for your family (I’d say more like two years worth if you’re thorough with your kids.) It’s character-based and explores people and their place in history—from Adam on– through the pages of the Bible. It’s a blessing that others are seeing it now and being excited with us!

We’re grateful for the beautiful piece in Christian Family about these products.  And if you haven’t looked at Christian Family, you will want to subscribe. The best thing about it is, it’a great and very helpful tool for your family as you grow in Him. The second-best thing about it is that it’s written in English and Spanish and, thus, it’s a fantastic evangelism tool as you meet your Spanish speaking neighbors.  It’s a non-threatening, effective way to deliver the most important news of this lifetime to those who cannot yet just pick up any book or tract and comprehend the message. 

We are blessed to be a little part of this month’s issue of this good publication! You can read about Christian Family here:

You can order the Hope set for your Family or Congregational study here:

Happy 2024! We pray it is a year of growth in the Word for your family!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

And the Winner Is…

We had to choose winners! It was so fun to try to narrow down the entries for the HOPE Christmas contest. But, alas, we could not whittle it down to just one winner. So, this year, there are two winners. Jennifer Nichols, of Fayette, Alabama, wins with her extra sweet video of three precious children at home doing what makes kids grow up into faithful Christians. You can see the kids in the photo, but you’ll want to watch this. The teeny one was so very proud.

Kerri Epling, of Elizabethton, Tennessee, submitted another winning entry. This one is of a children’s Bible class. It’s precious and this teacher is putting the most precious treasure in little hearts.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Kerri. Send me your addresses (or the addresses to which the HOPE sets should go) and I will get them to you as fast as I can! You win five items—all five items in the HOPE set. It’s an in-depth study book, two sets of sturdy flash cards (the original character set and the new Virtues and Vices set), a beautiful timeline, and a fun matching game. 

If you don’t have your set yet and you want to see them, there’s the special holiday bundle here.

Happy teaching, merry Christmas and may your New Year be full of the virtues these children are learning for life!

Don’t you love the Word of God?!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

It’s Christmas Contest Time!

The Colley House Christmas Contest is now! With a nod to the new HOPE series for families and congregations, we want to include children in the contest this year. You can win the entire HOPE set for Bible learning. There are two simple ways to enter. (Just pick one option and go with it! Here’s how:

1. Post a short video of your kids using the HOPE set in your family Bible time or in your kids’ class at church. We’d love to see how they are learning! Post to The Colley House Facebook page.


2. Send an email to describing your best and most effective Family Bible Time tip. This can be a “keeping kids’ attention” tip or an original song or an idea for a game. It can really be anything you have found effective in getting truth in kids. Feel free to include a photo, but it’s not required. 

All entries must be posted or submitted by December 5th at 11:00 pm. CST. 

The winning entry will receive the entire 5 item HOPE set just in time for gift-giving! You can see that here:!/That-We-May-Have-Hope-5-Product-Bundle/p/605880179/category=0.

That bundle is a $60.00 value (but it’s really invaluable)! 

Have fun with this! (We have the most creative followers in the world!) 1…2…3…Go!



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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Exciting New Additions to the HOPE Set for Kids!

The HOPE series just got better and just in time for holiday gift-giving! Moms and grandmas are telling me that the HOPE series for Family Bible time (and for Bible classes for kids) is accomplishing what it was meant to do. Kids are learning facts about Bible characters faster than parents thought possible and they are acquiring application skills that will help them to grow into faithful Christians. That’s THE goal for all Christian parents. The full name of this tangible and foundational gift for kids is “That We May Have Hope.” In that name is the purpose of the set. This HOPE series is born of Family Bible time at the Colley house. It’s already been tried at their house and it’s put an awful lot of Scripture in Maggie and Ellis.

Now, the application part of these character studies just got even better. Rebekah Colley has developed the “Virtues and Vices Pack,” a card set that teaches virtues and vices that are associated with each of the 52 characters in the yearlong study. They are beautiful, but most importantly they are conversation starters that launch your family Bible time into teachable minutes of the day, helping your kids to make early decisions about spirituality, faith, ethics and character. Using the Bible characters of the HOPE series, these colorful and durable card sets can be used for additional memorization, spiritual discussions, or even to launch a unit study on topics like honesty, humility, selfishness or greed. Here’s a couple  of sample cards:

In addition, Rebekah has also made the ever-popular classic matching game from the characters your kids are studying. Your object may be to simply take turns trying to find the matching pairs of cards. But I’d suggest having your child answer a question about the character he’s matched prior to putting the matched cards in his pile. You might even want your children to name four facts about the character before taking the matched set from the playing surface. Here’s the matching game:


Do you know a family who needs the Family Bible Time jump-start that the HOPE series can give? My grandchildren have circled lots of items in the Amazon catalog already this year, but there is nothing they can receive this year from Amazon that could bless their lives even a fraction as much as this soul-shaping tool. My grandchildren (the ones who don’t already have it) are getting the HOPE set for Christmas this year. They thrive on competition and I can think of a whole bunch of ways they can “win” using these tools for Family game time.

So now there are five—Five HOPE tools: There’s (1) a family study guide, (2) a set of “flash” cards that elicit memorization of four facts about each character, (3) a timeline that places the characters in their historical perspectives, (4) a set of virtues and vices cards, and (5) a matching game using the characters from the HOPE series.

Each item is priced separately here:, but for the holidays, we’re bundling the set for a limited-time price of $60.00. This is not the only way, of course, to put the Word in little hearts. But, it’s one grandmother-approved way! Be watching for the annual Colley House Holiday Contest, too, and you can win the entire set for the little people you love!