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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Spark is Happening! Invite your friends to dig with us.

If you registered for SPARK, we’re excited to tell you we are full-speed ahead. We can’t wait to welcome you, catch up on visiting, sing praises with you, pray together and grow stronger in Christ. We’re praying that the ripple effects of this event will strengthen churches in lots of places and translate into souls for heaven. We hope your hearts for evangelism will be enlarged.

I cannot find the superlative vocabulary to even describe the way the West Huntsville people have stepped to the plate with donations, offers to help with the legwork, lifting work, paperwork, serving work, teaching work, and corralling-kids work.  For every “ask”, there’s been a quick “yes.”  A couple of times I’ve said “Can you…?” and, before I could finish the question, the answer was “yes.” I love the Christians at West Huntsville!

I love our elders, too. While they are protective of our physical health and are always taking precautions about keeping our facilities clean and sanitized, they never neglect the real work of shepherding–our souls. They are so encouraging about this event and I’m profoundly grateful for their support and guidance in making it happen. Look for further details from them in this spot later in the week.

Let’s pray for each other’s travels and for the speakers. Local ladies, let’s invite friends from the community to attend a session or two with us. Community visitors do not need to be registered. Just bring them. Local sisters, let’s be sure to try to meet and welcome as many sisters from as many places as we can and let’s especially be salt and light (and friendliness) to any local visitors.

Diggers, now is the time to invite your friends to do the new study with us. I’m really looking forward to   this year-long study. It’s made me better just in the preparing. The Word is always like that! One week till reveal time. If you are not coming, you can view it online. Details for that upcoming here, too.

With the balm of His counsel, our strength to renew,

Let us do with our might what our hands find to do….

Let us hope and trust. Let us watch and pray.

And labor till the Master comes.

(from To the Work, By Francis J. Crosby)

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