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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Quick Friday Blurbs

Save the date for PTP Spark at West Huntsville. August 22-25. You are going to want to be here. Digging Deep reveal, elder training classes for your husbands and teen boys, Make and Take for Moms and daughters, Prayer session for women…just a bunch of stuff your soul needs! Mark it down. Registration ready and up any day. Watch here! (The fellowship is what I might need the most!) Registration is free and this is worth your flight or road trip and hotel. Watch here for the schedule, too!

If you’re in North Alabama, you are going to want to have your kids/grandkids at Family Bible Week at West Huntsville on July 18-21. It’s all about the parables this year. The crew I’m in will be presenting to your kids’ minds the amazing truth about man’s foolishness when leaving God and  God’s compassion for sinful mankind through the parable of the Prodigal Son. I hope your family  can be there for that. Homemade ice cream contest on Wednesday night!

And about Wuhan and Fauci...It should not surprise us at all that a communist party, totally void of respect for God and life, may have been covering up a virus leak at the Wuhan lab while putting the world at risk. It should not surprise Christians that a man who is a self-proclaimed humanist (though having Catholic roots) may have participated in that cover-up. Humanism is void of Jehovah-imposed morality, of course, and respect for life comes directly from God, who engineered it. (That’s why Fauci is able to make announcements proudly about the removal of abortion funding blocks in Mexico, put in place by a former administration.) When people decide that God does not exist or that He is irrelevant (i.e. His precepts can be ignored) the path from there is fraught with dishonesty, destruction and death. Our faith keeps us from being surprised. But our faith keeps us prayerful and vigilant, too, for the future of our families. Praise God for the final destination when we’ve made our way through the chaos that’s the material here and now.


Have a great weekend to His glory!





Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Ezra and Goodness!

This is Family Bible Week at West Huntsville and my evenings are spent this week being a part of the throng around Jesus when he’s on His way to the home of Jairus. Our depiction of the miracle is focused on the power around the very name of Jesus. On His way to the home of Jairus, he heals a woman simply by her touching the hem of his garment. We’re trying hard in our little room to put reverence for the Lord and awe at His power in those little hearts.  The last line we sing to them is “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus…There is power around that name.”

I’ve had two of those sweet little hearts in my house this week (and seven more sweet ones coming tomorrow). I’m loving the expanding vocabulary of Ezra, the two-year-old, and I’m especially loving the expanding knowledge of Scripture, of right and wrong and of truth that will, if developed and nurtured make His life a glorification of our Father. 

Here are a few highlights of recent conversations:

Ezra: Dare’s good Bible cwasses and den dare’s bad Bible cwasses.

Me: Well, why is there a bad Bible class?

Ezra: Well, because day don’t teach de troof.

Me: Oh no, they don’t teach the truth?

Ezra: Well, dem fink dey do, but dem not.  


Ezra: Mammy, adultewy is not good.

Me: No, Ezra, it’s very bad. But what IS adultery?

Ezra: It’s when you have a boyfwiend AND a husband…both.

Ezra’s mom: Like who?

Ezra: wike Potipher’s wife. 


Ezra’s mom: Ezra, what is the kid’s sing rule?

Ezra: Do the right thing.

Ezra’s mom: But we just call that the “kid’s sing rule” because we say it at Kidsing. It’s really a rule for everywhere and all the time. It’s for when we wake up and when we are playing and when we go to Bible class. It’s doing right when we talk to Mom and Daddy and it’s telling the truth…and…

Ezra: I have an idea. Can we talk about this later?…like maybe tomorrow?


Ezra: Mammy, we do NOT say “Oh my Gosh.”

Me” That’s right, Ezra.

Ezra: But we can say “Oh my word.”…but not “Oh my goodness, because that’s sounds kind of like “Oh my Gosh.”

Me” That sounds right, Ezra.

Ezra: But some people dooz it just because nobody teached dem. They don’t know it’s a bad fing, so we dus have to teach dem….Aaaand…”Goodness” is good, but “Oh MYYY Goodness” is not good. 


Goodness IS good and I’m glad it’s growing in that little heart! I’m glad for all the young parents who are diligent about directing little consciences toward heaven. Family Bible week happens once a year, but every week should be a family Bible week at home!