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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep Month Nine: Wrapping up!

I just got back to my hotel room from a day that I’ll not soon forget. I walked in the dry bed of the brook of Elah where David killed Goliath (I Samuel 17)  and I walked in the very wet tunnel that Hezekiah constructed underneath the city of Jerusalem (2 Kings 20:20). I cannot wait to write about the blockbuster lessons that just naturally come to mind when viewing some of the amazing sights we’re seeing. I’m forever changed already. I can’t wait to get to heaven, because seeing what you’ve loved reading about is a powerful faith phenomena! 

I know, however, that first I should complete the study for May. On the podcast (…Did I mention this transmitted from the shore of the Sea of Galilee?), I promised this list of verses  from the epistles which use the word “doctrine” and, in context, show that doctrinal matters have already been settled or decided. Here’s my list, though yours may vary a bit. 

Romans 6:17

Romans 16:17

I Cor. 14:6

I Cor. 14:26

Eph. 4:14

1 Tim. 1:3

1 Tim. 1:10

1 Tim. 4:6

1 Tim. 4:13

1 Tim. 4:16

1 Tim. 5:17

1 Tim. 6:1

1 Tim. 6:3

2 Tim. 3:10

2 Tim. 3:16

2 Tim. 4:2

2 Tim. 4:3

Tit. 1:9

Tit. 2:1

Tit. 2:7

2 Jn 1:9

2 Jn. 1:10

The point, of course, is that, since all doctrinal matters have been settled by the Holy Spirit, the ONLY authority of elders is in areas of judgment. Therefore, it is only natural that all of us will not agree with the judgment of our elders on every matter. That’s the nature of opinions. Authority for action in realms of judgment, biblically then, belongs to the elders. May we strive to hold up the hands of godly elders who are unafraid to lead God’s people in righteous choices. May we raise our sons to be qualified to do take on this daunting and honorable vocation in the body. 

Also, we will be choosing winners of the prize package from Month 9 at the close of this month’s study, so don’t forget to enter your paragraph. Directions are in the study. 

Diggers are some of the best people in the world! The Word makes good-hearted women great! 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

DIggers’ DIscount Starts Today!

Time for the Diggers’ discount on the book “Awake at Night”. This book, is one of two choices for reading in month nine (question number ten) of this year’s Authority study. One of the options includes reading that is found online and is free of charge. (I always want to include options that are available without cost.) The other is the book “Awake at Night.” This book consists of 100 actual case scenarios from real congregations in which elders have faced challenges in leading God’s people. These problem scenarios include moral issues, doctrinal errors, and challenges to delegated authority. They were composed by Glenn Colley and scriptural ideas for solving problems in churches are offered in this volume. All case studies are anonymous.

Either option for reading will suffice. What we are hoping to cultivate though this assignment is a deeper appreciation for the system of authority that God has instituted for the body of the saved on earth today, as well as a determination to search the Word for the answers to each church problem. From the reading, I am hoping we, as women of the church, will sanctify our hearts in submission to the elders of our local churches as they direct us in His Will, even if/when we may think the decisions of those leaders are scriptural, but not the ones we might have personally made.  I believe either reading will help us to do this.

I’m also hoping that those of us who are mothers and grandmothers will renew our passion for bringing up godly leaders for our churches. I believe we are experiencing a famine, in most places, of strong and godly leaders. I believe the number of men who are the right age to be starting to serve as great elders today, was diminished about thirty years ago by a movement of change and a rejection of authority in many of our congregations. Sadly, many men, who were then in their twenties and thirties, left faithful adherence to the doctrine of the New Testament and now, congregations are lacking in strong men who are in their fifties and sixties. It’s imperative that we be raising our boys to be the elders who will restore churches to the model of great leadership that God intended. 

If you do order the book and, after reading, are able to pass along to someone who is serving as an elder or some younger man who is a potential future elder, I hope you’ll do that. The goal, for this book, of course, is to help promote strong and Biblical leadership in as many churches as it can reach. 

The book will be discounted (for Diggers only) from $12.95 to $9.00 during the months of April and May at  You can see a video about the book there as well. Discount begins at 8 am CST on April 2nd! Keep digging! You’re an encouragement in lots of ways to lots of people as you do!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Annual Holiday Contest…Win $50 in gifts of your choice at TCH!

Okay, this is going to be fun! Maybe you’ve noticed that this year’s holiday special at the Colley House  is for shepherds in the body. All five items in the bundle are designed to help men grow into becoming  great elders in the Lord’s church or to help existing shepherds to grow in wisdom that comes from the scriptures. The bundle is a very nice gift for any elder in the body or a very useful addition to your church library. Each item in the package is a great individual gift for any Christian man, young or old, as well (so it’s really five gifts in one). You can read about this 40%-off special here:

This year’s contest is in the same vein. I know you have some good stories here. Send us your favorite funny story about a leader in the church. It can be about one of your elders, one of your ministers, or one of your Bible class teachers. It can be one of those “this-should-never-happen-in-a-worship service”  moments or it can be the one about “my husband.the minister who forgot…” I know the cogs are already turning.  Please be sure it’s something we can publish on the blog. If you need to change or omit names (to protect the blundering), be sure to do that. No one is exempted from entering (unless you are actually an admin on our website!). 

Send us your entries by December 15th at noon to The winning entry will receive a $50.00 gift certificate good for any Colley House products. The best entries will be published.

So let us hear from you. Share some holiday cheer. Here’s my story:

When I was a child, we had an elder in the congregation who just had a hard time talking in front of a large audience. Our congregation changed the order of exactly what was done prior to eating the Lord’s supper. It was decided that we would stand while the scripture was being read that preceded the supper and then remain standing while the prayer was offered in thanksgiving for the bread. (Prior to this particular Sunday we had been standing while reading  and then we all sat down for the prayer.) So this flustered elder, as he presided at the table said this, following the Bible reading:

“Cease be pleated…uh…er…I..I mean restain manding.” 

Or, I could tell the one about the Sunday school teacher (also the minister), who, during the auditorium class, turned around to write on the dry-erase board, revealing that his wife was needing to get to the store to get those BOUNCE sheets for the dryer.  Red panties were stuck on the back of his shirt. 

Or, I could mention the time my husband was preaching and using an illustration about family reunions. He said this: “I love family reunions. I especially love to see all the new babies and the young children running around. It gives me such a feeling of immorality.” (He actually meant to say “immortality”.) 

I could go on. But so could you! So send us the submissions. Have a great Monday!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Christmas Shepherd’s Special…Save 40% for a limited time!

Shepherds. The Colley House Christmas Special this year is for your elders. Have they blessed your life this year? Have you ever taken the time to communicate thankfulness to those men of God? These five items are perfect, not only for saying “thank-you”, but also for helping them grow to be more and more like Christ, the Good Shepherd. Your whole congregation might be blessed by this gift. Get one for each elder or split the bundle up between the leaders in your congregation. Put the five items in your church library.  Each one is also the perfect gift for putting spiritual leadership in any man. You may be helping your congregation for decades to come. You may be helping your sons to grow into those leaders who can help lead the church through perilous times. You could be blessing your own home with godly leadership! Save 40%, for a limited time, when you purchase these together. Happy Holidays!

  1. Headed to the Office—This book is an easy-to-understand Biblical resource for preparing young men to be elders in the Lord’s church. It’s perfect for classes or individual study for ages 11 and up. The best way to use this in a class is to have a wise older man (maybe an elder) teach this material to the young men in the local church. 
  2. Grooming Your Next Elders—This DVD details a program your shepherds may want to implement to insure that there are men ready to step up to the plate in future years to boldly and soundly lead your congregation to greater service and influence. Our own congregation used this “training” idea and we think it might be useful to yours, too. There’s a bonus DVD with helpful tools and tips for transitioning between preachers in the local church. 
  3. Awake at Night—This best-selling Colley House book is a compilation of 100 real-life scenarios that elders have faced. Collected though the years by Glenn for elder training classes, this book brings elders and future-elders head-to-head with the kinds of problems that are very real (and often very difficult) in 21st century churches. The book offers Biblical and practical advice for navigating difficult paths when problems arise. This one’s tried and true. 
  4. The Qualifications of Elders—This DVD series is a candid discussion full of relevant truth about the Biblical qualifications of elders in the local church. It’s helpful in congregations where elders are needed, but it’s also a great way to encourage those sacrificial shepherds who are daily working and praying to be the best leaders they can be for the flock for which they serve. 
  5. Premarital Counseling DVD—The devil is trying hard to get our families and often elderships have few area resources for family counseling. Now, elders can offer premarital counseling via DVD to those couples who are seeking to establish godly homes. This dvd is also very practical in equipping shepherds to offer godly advice to married couples when problems arise .  

Here’s hoping these gifts find their way into hands and hearts that make for brave, gentle, godly shepherds who will lead flocks around the country to be the God-honoring sheep-on-the-right (Matthew 25:33)! Here’s the link to purchase:!/Christmas-Shepherds-Special/p/123864997/category=0

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This! Destined to be Dog-eared…

unnamed-7Allen Webster says More than 20 years in the making, (this book) seems destined for a rare shelf-life of a generation or more in church libraries across the brotherhood. More importantly, I foresee worn and marked copies on elders’ nightstands and in preachers’ studies. 

Each year at Polishing the Pulpit Glenn Colley’s real-life scenarios are the most popular elders’ classes. These give shepherds the opportunity to discuss difficult situations using “rubber bullets” instead of the “live rounds” they must use in making decisions back home.

This book gives God’s men the opportunity to prepare ahead of time for challenges and to find solutions when the heat is on. Churches across the land will find their elders making better decisions. I highly recommend Awake at Night.” 

Alan Highers says “This is a practical book. It has grown out of actual sessions with elders who share their problems and difficulties. There are suggested solutions and recommended procedures for dealing with a wide variety of real situations that elders encounter. This is a virtual ‘handbook’ for an eldership. I know of no other book like it. There are many worthwhile books discussing the qualifications and duties of elders, but there is little in print to help elders in handling sensitive issues that arise within a congregation. This book fulfills that need.”

But I say—“Just get it!” For many years I’ve been languishing about leadership; the famine we’re in for lack of elders who are willing to do the hard things that are required for leading the church through an era of cultural relativism and ignorance of the scriptures in the body, itself. I’ve been encouraging mothers to do all we can to bring up our boys to be elders; to put backbones in them for the battles that are inevitably facing our congregations in the twenty-first century church. We need to be raising our girls to be the helpers, encouragers and comforters of these up-and-coming men of God. We simply have to make it our aim…our project, if you will…to put the qualities in our children that will make them ready for some difficult engagements with the devil’s forces in the next generation, should our God choose to let our world continue.

This book is the most “real” thing I’ve seen for preparing church leaders. Over the years, my husband has collected real, but anonymous problems elders have faced in recent times, for the purpose of an elders’ workshop session he conducts annually at Polishing the Pulpit ( The scenarios chosen for the book are designed to prepare and challenge today’s Christian men to lead God’s people with wisdom and courage. They include situations involving divorce and remarriage, other moral issues, doctrinal questions and sin in the lives of elders, themselves. While this is not necessarily a “happy” book, it’s a book filled with hope. It’s a bold attempt to transform the problems elders face today into teaching tools for tomorrow’s leaders. The “solutions” given in the book are both scriptural and practical.

I know the editor of this volume is my husband, but I’m really not promoting him. I want this book to fall into the hands of current elders who need resolve to stand against sin and division. I hope it falls into the hands of others who are already determined. They’re praying and working and loving and leading their flocks and are worthy of double honor and our encouragement. I hope it falls into the hands of young fathers who are already planning and preparing to take the reins of leadership when their turns come, because great leaders don’t just “happen” when old leaders die. I hope it falls into the hands of your sons and mine as we work to develop leadership skills in them—skills that will bless the kingdom. 

One lady left Huntsville last weekend with enough copies on hand so that each of her elders could have one. Do you know elders who are struggling, young men who can be tomorrow’s leaders, men who could present this material to the men of your congregation? The governance of the church has been perfectly designed by God. It’s up to us, though—mere humans— to develop qualified men who are up to the challenge of this greatest office to which mortals attain. I believe when we give this book to our elders, fathers, preachers and sons, we give strength to our congregations.

You can order here:

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Oh Shepherd, Where Art Thou?

Headed-to-the-OfficeWhere? Where were the brave men in the church in Memphis, Tennessee who should have stood up and said, “We cannot bypass the expressed Will of God in First Timothy 2 by sanctioning the leadership of women in prayer and song in our worship? We simply cannot allow this to happen.”

Where were elders in Franklin, Tennessee during the years of digression that culminated in the hiring of the first woman pulpit intern at that church? Were there some who fought, at least for a time?

Where are elders in churches where groups of worshippers are clamoring for change; advocating the use of instruments in worship, the taking of communion on various days of the week, and  special religious observances on Easter and Christmas? Where are the shepherds?

Where are the bishops today when young couples are finding their way to divorce courts, young singles among us are openly living in fornication, and millennials are falling away in percentages that are taking our breath away? Are they going after them?

Some are. But in far too many churches, shepherds are not keeping the vigil. False teachers are allowed to bring heresy in and leaders allow Christians to scratch their heads and observe “Well, this is different than anything I’ve heard,” without coming before the people and refuting plain contradictions of the Word. So often, they fail to mark those who are causing division and, thus, churches divide and the Cause of Jesus suffers as communities see brethren who are splintering churches.

But, Cindy Colley, are you just ranting? This is a women’s blog and the sisters to whom you write cannot lead churches (except those churches you’re taking about which digress)!

There is something you can do. I would LOVE, through this blog to make a difference in the future of a congregation. What if we could do it through a book? I think we can. I want to encourage you to take a copy of “Headed to the Office” to your elders and respectfully ask them to let your boys take a quarter and study how to become faithful elders. What if you wrote your elders a note that  simply asked them to consider it?…

Dear Brothers,

Thanks for all the time spent in working to make our congregation pleasing to God. Thanks for protecting our souls. I hope you can take the time to look over this material. I’m praying for sound elders one day to take your places in shepherding this church. I think a quarter or two in a class of young men with this material could make a difference in getting there. Thanks for considering this! 

If your congregation is doing Lads to Leaders, your boys can enroll in the program through LADS. The material is here: But even if you’re not in the LADS program, this study is needed and may be the early intervention that gives your congregation the stamina to one day withstand the devil in a mighty way. I would encourage you to go order one copy…just one…to pass along to your elders. I’m convinced it’s a tiny investment that could keep congregations strong through what threatens to be an era of persecution.

Again, you can order from Lads to Leaders (not necessary to be a participating congregation) at the above link or, alternately, you can order from The Colley House at!/~/category/id=3290179&offset=0&sort=normal. Nine dollars. Not much to invest in strong shepherds for the next generation in your congregation.

PS. An added benefit that we have seen is that men grow when they teach this material to boys. Some classes even include dads and mentors and it puts the church on a fast track to having strong qualified elders. I’m praying about this tool today. I’m praying for strong churches when today’s teens take the reins. They have huge potential handed to them by God and by an environment of available resources. We should challenge them to put  this potential to work in the only institution on earth that commutes over to the timeless side.