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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Navigating the School Years

Today, I spoke with a mom who had just made what, to her family, was a tough decision about how and where her children would receive their education…at least, for now. She spoke about some of the good things and some of the things about which she was fearful. She wants her children to grow up honoring God and having a close relationship with God and with parents. Here are a few tips (from an article published a few years ago) for those whose children are in a conventional public or private school. They are important and timely as children return to school after the winter break. 

Navigating the School Years


  • Know your children’s teachers and textbooks. Volunteer to be the room mother.
  • Have a daily (every day –no exceptions) family Bible time.
  • Converse with your children each day about the school day.
  • Your homework, so that you can successfully refute evolutionary concepts and humanistic teachings,
  • Be a presence in your children’s schools, even on the high school level.
  • Examine, without bias, other education options such as home schooling. Too much is at stake to keep your children in a situation where souls are at risk.
  • Be involved in the homework process. This will help you know when you need to counteract humanistic material being presented.
  • Put a Bible in your kids’ backpacks and encourage them from early ages to take it out and read it through the day. This won’t work if you wait till high school to begin.
  • Go to bat for your children if they face persecution for speaking their convictions. Let them own their beliefs, but when the going gets tough, help them find ways to avoid compromise.
  • Be at home when they get home in the afternoons. Make that time a pleasant and warm homecoming every day.
  • Use school travel time to communicate calmly, listen to Bible reading or to uplifting spiritual singing.
  • Make decisions when your children are young about activities in middle and high school in which they will plan NOT to participate. In our house, they knew from their preschool  years  that they would not attend proms or parties where alcohol was being served. Standards of modest dress and decorum were required way before peer pressure set in. This does not magically dissolve all of the temptations the devil hurls their way, but it goes a long way in giving them resisting power.


  • Adopt the mentality that since you send your children to school, the responsibility for their education is no longer yours.  God holds parents accountable for the education of their children.
  • Allow your children to become distant from you. Never stop communicating (Deut. 6:4-6)
  • Be too busy to spend daily time with each of your children. Make outings and activities with them a priority.
  • Ever, ever skip a scheduled worship service for a school or sports activity.
  • Ever let a day go by in which they don’t hear you pray for their souls.
  • Leave your children at after-hours school day care as a babysitting service. The bare minimum number of hours is enough and often too much.
  • Encourage your children to give in to peer pressure. Get rid of the mentality that you don’t want them to think being a Christian is restrictive and “no fun”. Being a Christian is living sacrificially and is not always fun. But sacrifices strengthen convictions that will serve them well through a lifetime toward heaven.
  • Assume you will find out if your children are questioning the existence of God or the doctrines of the Scriptures. Your job is to communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Leave your children in a school situation in which faith is being eroded. There are options. This risk is eternal. You can never regain this important time in their lives.

This post taken from an article by Cindy Colley first published  in an earlier issue of THINK magazine. (Focus Press, Nashville, TN) Below are the sources used in the original article.


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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Homeschooling Again

It seems everywhere I go, the questions come about homeschooling; everything from “What made you decide to do that?” to “How does this affect your life as a preacher’s wife?” This last weekend was no exception. The event was a marriage seminar that my husband and I did, but, even so, it seems like we spent a lot of our one- on- one time discussing home schooling. (We love to talk about it, by the way.)
Of course, you know, if you have been reading the blog, that there’s a lot about the importance of teaching our kids and very few specific instructions about home schooling. However, if I can help anyone understand the motivation, the means or the methods of homeschooling that became such a part of our lives while Caleb and Hannah were growing up, I do think it’s a wise use of space and time. While I am not ready to say that home schooling is always the only method of successfully educating our children, I am sure that it is one very viable alternative for parents who are seeking to be Deuteronomy 6 parents in a world that has largely forsaken principles of truth and morality. For us, home-schooling was a gift from God so large in scope that we would be hard pressed to measure the benefits, many of which, we are sure, will be eternal.
So…all of that say this: If I can help you provide this blessing in your God-centered Christian home, I really would like to do that. I do not have all of the answers and much of what I learned was through trial and error in an era when home schooling families were far rarer than they are today. Caleb and Hannah are surely not products of a mom and dad who were confident and wise at all junctures. They are products of the blessings of a merciful God to whom we appealed daily for His wisdom and providence. They are, quite literally, answers to our prayers.
The homeschooling book on our site (!/Homeschool/c/3290201/offset=0&sort=normal) is there not because I know all about it, but because we put the best years of our lives into the process and we now know something about it. But mostly, because so many wonderful people need to know that they can do it. If Cindy Colley (organizationally and mentally challenged as she is) who had barely even heard of home-schooling when it was time for Caleb to go to kindergarten, could amble her way through the maze of questions and challenges for some eighteen-plus years, then you can do it if you want to do it. If you have specific questions or comments that might help others, please feel free to contact us through the website.
This has obviously been mostly a spiritual blog, to this point. But I’m convinced that questions about educating our children fall clearly under the Titus 2 directive to be guardians of our homes and love our children. They fall under the Deuteronomy 6 principle of diligently teaching our children so that our sons and our son’s sons will follow the statutes of the Lord. I think we all agree that’s the primary objective. Considering the option of home-schooling is a very wise thing to do. If I can help you in your journey, let me know. May He Bless Your Heart as you think and pray about this important decision.