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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep is on Spotify!

Good news for you running, driving, gymming, and all-things-multitasking diggers. Dig-a-bits are now available on Spotify! It’s also a great way to share episodes with friends for evangelistic purposes. Find an episode that may strike a chord and text it over with a note that says “This made me think of you,” or “This episode addresses what we were talking about the other day!”  After all, a woman doesn’t have to be an official digger to benefit peripherally from the study! Thanks to Jennifer B, who’s so busy, but still gives to DD, you can now find them easily. APPs are for APPlication and Evangelism is the best practical application I can think of!


SO go do what you do and never skip a Dig-a-Bit! 

Video podcast this month is on the 29th and Kim Chalmers will be with me. It’s a great time for her to sit in the chair. Our study this month is on comfort and compassion and Kim has recently gained her credentials from Heritage Christian University to counsel women who are looking to please Christ in difficult situations (and women who simply want to grow stronger in practical ways).  She can help us navigate this study in a way that few women among us could. She loves souls. She loves the Word. Her practice from the West Huntsville church was planned prior to her course work as a labor of love for the West Huntsville women (and others, as time permits). She wanted to do just what our lesson this month is about. She wanted to offer comfort and compassion to women who want to grow through the challenges that are inherent in serving Christ in congregations that are lights in a dark world. The devil is very busy in the lives of Christian women. Kim prepared herself to be a resource in our fight against him. You can reach her at

I know you will find strength in this lesson we will discuss on the 29th. I already am finding that as I prepare!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Grow More in ’24!

Happy New Year! Perhaps  the New Year is an over-used motivator that lacks long-term effectiveness. But this IS  a great time to commit to deep Bible study. The Word is, by far and away, the most important knowledge you will grasp in this lifetime. Reading it through is of great value. It’s the only information we have from our Father about what it takes to be saved from eternal death. But merely reading it through will not bless you in the same ways and to the same extent that deep study will bless. 

It’s a perfect time to start digging with thousands of women who are staying on track each month in the Digging Deep Bible study. You will not find your self lost or “behind” if you jump in right now. You can get free materials or materials to purchase here:!/Digging-Deep-2023-The-Crown-Deluxe-Study-Book/p/574010342/category=0. If you want to know more, why not join us next Tuesday night at 7 CST here for the Digging Deep podcast? It will just take an hour (plus a little) of your time and it just might change your life or even your eternal destiny! We’d love to have you join us!

Here’s what one digger recently said:

It is no exaggeration to say that doing this study each year has been life-changing for both me and my daughter.  I know you will be blessed if you partake in any of this study. 

Let me know if I can help you. There’s a tutorial video pinned on the Digging Deep in God’s Word page. Find it here:

Happy New Year! 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Bleating and the Bleeding

All of my inboxes have been sheepish for the past three months! I never truly thought about the saturating presence of sheep in our western culture until we studied about sheep and shepherds and wool and wolves for a few weeks in our Digging Deep study. But you found, made, wore and decorated your study rooms with sheep intensely there for a few weeks. Best of all, you learned from the Good Shepherd, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. He is the anointed sacrificial lamb. While we had no other recourse, but to cry as sheep that are bleating to Him for rescue, He became one of us so that He could become that bleeding Lamb. That’s the over-arching lesson from the past couple of months.

Here are the two latest (and some of the sweetest) DIggers’ lamb creations that have come my way. One is a table decoration at Little Mountain church in Winchester, Tennessee. The other is an ornament that I get to hang on my tree. It’s from Tracy Jeter, of the Noah church, in Manchester, Tennessee. (All those “chester” places are good with the sheep!) 

Don’t forget you have two more days to get your submissions in to the contest! Winner will receive the entire HOPE bundle for teaching children the Word. A $60.00 holiday value, it includes a study guide for parents, a set of sturdy character flash cards, a timeline for putting the Bible characters in their historic perspective, a set of character trait flash cards for real life application and a memory game using the characters. It can literally fill up your kids’ or grandkids Bible time year in 2024. You can get all the contest info here:

(If you can’;t get your video to upload The Colley House Facebook page, just send it to my personal Facebook Messages or to

Enjoy the holidays. If you are hurting, as so many I know are this season, you may not enjoy, but you will faithfully serve.  While we do not have any Biblical authority to claim we know the date of Christ’s birth or to celebrate it as a spiritual holiday, isn’t it nice when more people are focusing on the Lord? Let’s you and me remember the birth, life, death and teachings of the anointed one, the Messiah, every day of every year!



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn Epling!

Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn Epling. It’s a special day because Kaitlyn is turning 18.This means (happy and sad tears here) she will be making huge decisions in the next couple of years that will impact her eternity in large ways and will likely clip a few of the apron strings that have been so precious to her mama, Kerri, in their unclipped state. If she is like most of our daughters, this is the beginning of some big changes in the Epling family. 

The happy tears are because Kaitlyn is so thoroughly prepared for all the decisions. She has been in the Word in so many venues, but one of those is Digging Deep. Kaitlyn has completed (that’s right—finished every portion of) seven different Digging Deep studies. She is in her eighth year of the study. She is absolutely the youngest seven-year-finisher in our entire worldwide study! I’ve been at PTP and Camp Moriah with Kaitlyn and the study just oozes out of her personality and her character in every activity and conversation. I could not be prouder of her! She is very musically talented. She is great at homemaking skills. She’s good at making friends and she is impressive on the academic spectrum. But her most valuable asset is in the category in which even the end of the world will not affect value. She has what is, in the sight of God, of great price. She is a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31). Her price is far above rubies.

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! You once said that the Digging Deep reveal in August each year was better than Christmas morning. I’m praying your study this year of The Crown is preparatory for many happy Christmas mornings and many happy returns of this great milestone birthday! I love you much!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Here’s your Digging Deep Go-to List. Save this.

Photo courtesy Rebecca Jenkins Richardson

The Digging Deep podcast is one week away. Next Tuesday at  7 CST  is our very first “Crown” virtual gathering. I hope you’re scheduling so that you can be with us live, but if not, remember it is archived for your convenience. Leigh Rhodes will join me next Tuesday as co-host. Those in the Huntsville area will meet the previous evening at the building of the West Huntsville church of Christ and there will be childcare available if anyone needs help with that. That meeting happens at 6:30.

For today, since my inbox is overflowing with questions and encouraging comments from new folks, I want to give one more quick run-down of where to find things that might be helpful to your study. So, here you go!

  1. The “home-base for the Digging Deep study is here:
  2. The page for prayer requests from this group is here:
  3. The “How to Dig Deep Video” is here:
  4. The Dig-A Bits appear four times each month here: 
  5. Julie Orr’s “Monday Moments”  is here:
  6. The store for ordering all Digging Deep materials/fun things (including the free download) is here:
  7. Archived Dig-a-Bits are here:
  8. Live Video podcast at the end of each month is here:
  9. “Bless Your Heart” blog posts by Cindy Colley are here:
  10. You can follow Cindy Colley here:

Now, also in answer to a FAQ this month, I do not believe Keller, who is the author of one of the recommended reading books this month is “spot on” about the Holy Spirit’s work today. I carefully considered that, I recall, when writing this chapter. I recall, as I was studying his book, though, that, his belief about the Holy Spirit does not affect the truth of the message of the book about shepherds and sheep, IF we understand that the very clear teaching of the New Testament is that the Spirit guides through the written word today. We MUST depend on the Word for any knowledge that we have about the will of God for our lives. 

The above is why the phrase, “…remembering, as you read, that the Holy Spirit guides the sheep through the powerful Word of God” is included at the very end of lesson one when the reading of the book by Keller is suggested. 

Sometimes, I just think a work is worth the read even if we are not in agreement with EVERYTHING the author may say about every topic. 

I hope this helps. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Congratulations Brittney Allen–Member # 10,000 of Digging Deep!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!…to Brittney Allen of Rapid City, South Dakota who is member #10,000 in The Digging Deep in God’s Word Facebook group. To celebrate this mile marker in the growth of Digging Deep, we’re going to award Brittney one penny for each member of the Digging Deep Facebook group in store credit at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             That’s 100 dollars to spend in the store. (Just message me, Brittney, to claim your stuff!)

What started as a class at a conference 13 years ago has grown to 10K members and counting! There’s no credit due to anyone except God for this large group study, so we praise Him for allowing us to continue to grow numerically, in our ways of outreach and, especially, in knowledge of His Word as we study across streets and congregations and even across continents in 2023. 

We could not do it without technology. We thank Him for the four monthly audio podcasts and the video podcast near the end of each month. We’re grateful for the Facebook group and for the virtual studies that occur weekly in lots of places. 

We could not do it without some key people. Jennifer Benavides has been with Digging Deep as a selfless volunteer since we began in 2010. The study would not reach many of you without her technical skills and visionary perspective. She’s quiet, but, if she is talking, I’m going to listen! Lindsey Van Hook is a great blessing, stepping in just when we needed her so badly,  Flori Barber also sits behind the tech desk, now, during the monthly podcasts. I’m thankful for her because of so many blessings she brings to my life! We couldn’t do it without Glenn Colley working overtime, especially during the shipping time of year!  I probably would fail, at most things, without him. The elders at West Huntsville are so good to give us space and support.

Like the penny, each of us alone is worthless. But with Christ and ten thousand of us, we can accomplish some things to His glory. Thank you—each of you—for being a part of something small in the grand scheme of things, but large in the lives of lots of women, who start their days  or pillow their heads at night in the dig. Thank you for inviting others to study and, most of all, for praying for our studies together and for their impact on lost people. Thank you for thanking HIM, who is really the One who’s ultimately to be praised for anything we might accomplish through Digging Deep. May He richly bless every one of you 10K women in the Word!