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Digging Deep: Complete Authority Study Available in Spanish!

It’s with deep gratitude that I’m able to tell you that the entire Authority study is now available in Spanish. There is no charge or this download and it’s located here: Cindy-Colley-Autoridad-2018    or on our website at!/Digging-Deep-2018-Autoridad-Spanish-Edition-Free-Download/p/144309003/category=0

The translation of a massive study like Digging Deep is no small feat and Marlon and Jacky Retana have been persevering volunteers to make sure this has been accomplished. They have been assisted, in big ways, by Katie Quintero, who has been a blessing to sisters through her translating abilities for many years. I pray that the study’s use will be for the heavenward reach of our Spanish-speaking sisters in many places and all for His glory.

Jacky approached me a couple of years ago and asked if she and her husband could put the Digging Deep study into their native language. They have tirelessly worked to make this happen and they are dedicated to being sure our next study is available at no cost to Hispanic sisters all over the world. ‘

I love the Word of God! Isn’t it just one more  evidence of its inspiration that it is all-sufficient for the needs of people in all cultures in all time periods? So if you know someone who could benefit from a Spanish translation of Digging Deep, be sure to reach out and direct her to this link. I’d be surprised if there’s not someone in your sphere of influence who could be linked to the gospel in this way. There’s no greater gift you can give her in this lifetime than a path to the truth of God’s Word.

If you are benefitting already in your evangelism from this translation, reach out to the Retanas and Katie and let them know. An easy way to find them is through my facebook page (friend’s list).  I know it would encourage them. May God ultimately be glorified in this work of translation and in every heart, study, practical application and  fellowship that’s Digging Deep!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep in Spanish! Please Share!

Many thanks to Marlon and Jacky Retana, for the beginnings of this year’s edition of Digging Deep in Spanish. There is a large constituency of Christian women in the U. S. and in her neighboring countries who have access to far fewer study materials than do most readers.  I am hoping the Retanas are able to continue translating and that the entire study will soon be available as a free download for these sisters. (Please know that Jacky and Marlon are receiving no financial compensation for this translation work and all of the technical work that must be done to make the study available.)

I hope you may be able to direct your Spanish-speaking sisters to this page and that they may begin the study along with you. I believe firmly that there is no sincere and seeking Bible study that does not produce practical good in our lives and families. So let’s say a hearty “Gracias!” to the Retanas who are working in the kingdom in Panama and, through translation work like this one, are working in lots of Spanish speaking communities and in congregations in many of our neighborhoods.

I’m tagging away today to my personal friends whose first language is Spanish. I’m trusting those sisters to make the tags in Spanish to sisters who speak very little English. I hope you can think of at least one person to tag. To date, there have been several women who have given their lives to Christ as a result of Digging Deep. There are also many who have been taught in  other personal Bible studies and are now depending on Digging Deep groups for the growth that they so desperately need as babies in Him. A simple tag might be an important connection for a sister. I spoke yesterday on the phone while at the grocery store with a Spanish speaking sister who called with a spiritual question. Today, I can link her to a study that will have the answer for which she was looking. God is good in His mighty Providence.  Together we can spread this word! Together we can spread HIS WORD!