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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

For Today: T-Shirts, Hoodies and Graven Images

Tonight’s the podcast.  We will not have time to cover everything because this month’s study  has been a BIG and long and time-intensive blessing. Sometimes, when it’s coming together, I have no idea just how relevant it will be or what a big blessing to my days will be afforded when it’s actually time to dig in! (This is not because of anything I do, of course. The Word is always just that way.)  I hope you’ll be there. Join on livestream if you can, so you can comment directly….And do comment!

Now, let’s finish up t-shirts and hoodies!  I think all orders are either filled or refunded.  So here’s what’s left. (And don’t even ask…I do not KNOW why we have twelve  XXL hoodies. But maybe somebody wants a roomy one. Or I may personally be wearing roomy ones for the next dozen years. Roomy ones ARE comfy!)

SO here’s the deal. They tell me we can’t put a counter on these on the website. so we are going to sell them right here. First come, first serve. Just claim by putting your name and size below on the DIGGING DEEP IN GOD”S WORD PAGE (nowhere else, please). IF YOU GET A MESSAGE from me, it means you bought one and then you can PayPal $17.50 plus $7.50 shipping for a t-shirt or $29.00 plusstudy interrupted! =) $9.00 shipping for a hoodie and we will send straight-away. Don’t paypal till you hear from me. (If you don’t do PayPal, you can send a check and I will go ahead and send out. I trust you!) These will not, of course, go book rate, so you should receive pretty quickly. (I may not have time to respond till late tonight AFTER the podcast! (My grandkids have already spent a chunk of my morning on FaceTime! Who can study while that’s going on?)

The Ten books are still available on the website 



12 — 2XL

2 — M

1 — L



2 — S

3— XL

2 — 2XL

So thanks again for patience and kindness during a challenging year for distributing materials. You are the best!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep…We Found 24 Charms/Pendants!

We’ve located 24 of these sweet little Digging Deep shovels! They are sterling silver and they are precious little keepsakes. Designed especially for Digging Deep by our good friends at Dempsey’s Jewelers in Johnson City, Tennessee, they bear the words “Digging Deep.”  Mine’s on a bracelet, but lots of sisters have them on little silver chains around their necks. They come with the sturdy little ring for easy attaching and in the pretty little gift box for easy gift-giving ( in case you know a digger who could use some sweet encouragement). We rarely find extra Digging Deep paraphernalia, but I wanted to throw this little find out there and sweep clean the DD shelves once again. You can order the little charms here:!/Sterling-Silver-Digging-Deep-Pendant/p/99264175/category=0

We do have plenty of books if you know someone who’d like to study! It’s not too late to catch up quickly. 

Almost every single order now has been shipped and so, if you are waiting, then it should not be much longer. You are the most encouraging group of ladies I have ever encountered. Thanks for being so forgiving and so patient!

The Israel trip for 2022 is in the works. I met a relatively new digger just yesterday who said “Sign me and my husband up!” Final dates and pricing are not quite ready, but I will let you know as soon as I can. This is so exciting. At present, we are looking at traveling to see where Paul worked and suffered in Rome and then to do a faith-building tour of Israel with lots of new sites to experience. So many amazing Biblical finds are being unearthed in that wonderful part of the world even as I write! It’s so amazing and yet concretely certain that every new find of those diggers (that has to do with Biblical history) is confirming of the authenticity of the God-breathed Word that these diggers (you and me) are searching!

Don’t forget the first video podcast is on the 29th at 7 CST. (I heard there may be some other competing discussion on television that night, so make a wise choice.=)) Seriously,  I do hope you’ll log in with us live  and comment.  You can watch the other guys later! All questions are welcomed, too! I can’t wait! Megan Learned, one of the most encouraging sisters in the whole world, is joining me. Find us here next Tuesday night!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Set a Reminder: “GLORY” Finale/Review Tonight!

The GLORY study has been more fulfilling for me than I could have imagined. You’ve been kind and encouraging as we’ve studied and your enthusiasm has not assuaged with the passing of sub-topics and months, even when zeal for almost all things was challenged by Covid and chaos. I think the weight of His attributes has been fully on display even through the unprecedented difficulties that distancing has presented (maybe even moreso than in more normal times). His Word is like that…it throughly furnishes.

Because of the generosity of PTP and the work of Jennifer Benavides this weekend, we’re able to show you the GLORY review lesson tonight on livestream. It will be presented here ( tonight (Monday) at 7 CST. I hope you can be with us. I hope you have a subscription to PTP365 right now. You can get that here ( But if you don’t, you can still watch the GLORY finale tonight. I’m praying it might help someone to be closer to eternal glory than ever before. Will you pray that today with me?

And don’t forget the reveal/kickoff of the 2020-2021 study tomorrow night (Tuesday 8/18) at 7 CST right here:

As soon as the study theme is announced, all materials will be available at This challenging year is the 10th anniversary year of Digging Deep. (That’s so hard for me to believe!) We have no idea what to expect as far as numbers are concerned during this strange year, but we know God has been very good to Digging Deep from its inception. We know He will bless us as we seek Him. Digging Deep has surely been a work of Providence. While the year has witnessed economy, schedules, sports, education and lifestyles turned upside-down, and there’s so much about the future we do not know, we are positive that any time we dig into Scripture, He is more fully magnified in our lives. The important things of life are stabilized. Digging Deep (or any serious Bible study) can give us what we need for clarity and conviction to make our lives purposeful and safe in Him! We can then make our homes spiritually safe places for the souls we nurture in and from those homes. It’s important in times like these to remember that our physical safety pales in comparison to our spiritual security.

Please know that I have no illusions about my place in this venture. I’m a tiny tool in the hand of an Almighty God. I can do nothing. But He can do anything He wants, in any way He wants, with anybody He wants, at any time He wants. So all glory and honor is His, for sure!

Dont’ forget:

Tonight (Monday), watch here:

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) watch here:

And, every day watch here: Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving…Col.4:2

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Whoosh! Last Night’s Podcast…Sometimes, we just be like…

It was a monsoon in Huntsville, Alabama last night as I headed to the church building for this podcast only to get halfway there and get the call from trusty-techer Jen to let me know that the power was off in our little studio (and all over that part of town). Now we know there are lots of you who assemble for the podcasts and we know your time is important, so we began making calls, figuring out places and devices we might use as a last resort. Thirty minutes later, as Jen was driving into my neighborhood, we got the call that power was back on at the building. The clock had been ticking, though, and we knew we’d be super late, at this point, if we moved the podcast back to the studio. So picture me moving supplies and large yard art that I’d been crafting out of the camera’s view, Jen opening up an iPad to find it was completely battery-drained, my laptop acting like it has never even heard of facebook live (what’s up with that, anyway?), a big yellow extension cord that wielded no power, Holly over at her house, figuring out how to field comments, and sweet Melissa Davidson, who was super prepared to cohost, realizing she did not have time to even make it all the way to the eastern Madison sticks, where I live. Imagine, Glenn coming in to do a ZOOM about a book that a few men are completing and realizing he’s walked into another BIG ZOOM-ish project. Relegated to the porch, I can hear him saying “Good evening, gentlemen!…” while I’m trying to say a prayer and “Goodnight ladies!” It was chaotic and you were patient and Jen’s a hero. And that boy we just met who’s living in our cabin probably thought “What has happened to the band with of this internet?”…And you can watch the study here: When there’s no power in the studio, there’s still plenty in the Word. Below are the photos that did not get their debut last night: The first is a bunch of Diggers in the Pool of Siloam (John 9). The rest are on various places on the Mount of Olives. Both are from May, 2019, when we were digging in Israel and both are mentioned in the show. The fourth one(far left) is at the site believed to be the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. Notice the ossuaries in the second photo. I’m told, for a price, people can still be buried on the Mount of Olives (and many still want to be). Blessings as you study. Two more months of the glory study. An eternity of the GLORY!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

May 16th: Digging Deep Podcast from the Sea of Galilee!

The live podcast from Israel will occur on Thursday, May 16th, from the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. I hope you can plan to join us, as Kate Hudgens and I discuss Authority from this beautiful seashore where eminent authority was so often demonstrated during the ministry of our Lord. He calmed this sea (Mark 4). He directed a huge draught of fish into the nets of doubting disciples in this place (Luke 5).  He placed a coin in the mouth of a fish, so he could pay his tribute (Matthew 17). He put unclean spirits in a herd of pigs and that herd of swine ran violently into this sea (Matthew 8). This paragraph could be a book! I’m extremely excited about discussing His authority from this place and about our blessing of technology that allows our sisterhood to do this from several corners of the earth—together! 

So, Lord willing, the podcast will be May 16th, at 10:30 am CST. (Our time in Israel will be 6:30 pm). I know that some of you will be working and unable to watch at that time, so it will be quickly uploaded and available on the Digging Deep in God’s Word page for viewing at any time. The live podcast will be here:

I’m thankful to Jennifer Benavides, Louis Benavides, Glenn Colley, John Moore, and Kate Hudgens for making this possible. The family of God is wonderful. 

And about that family, please keep the prayer vigil fervently before the throne for the Don Blackwells. A good and faithful family has been hurt. We have all benefitted immensely from the materials, broadcasts and lectures that Don has delivered around this country. He is very dear to my husband and I consider Sheri to be a close friend to me. She has encouraged me countless times. This sister has lost her parents in recent days, now her mobility for a time, and her  husband now faces long and arduous challenges. She’s a faithful digger and encourager. Let’s lift them up! You may send cards ℅ Southaven church of Christ, 1483 Brookhaven Dr, Southaven, MS 38671. 

And, finally, please pray for calm along the Gaza strip as our Digging Deep group travels to Israel. Our guides tell us that we are not at any safety risk. However, it would be comforting to know that the unrest along that border is at a low point rather than an escalated one as we enter the country. 

May he bless all of his pilgrims through this land of uncertainty till we cross over Jordan and assemble at the throne. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep Israel Notes…

At last I’m finding a moment here and there to try and ingest the amazing preparatory material given our group by John and Carla Moore of Bible Land Passages. I think the trip is going to be incredibly faith-building and I’m over-the-top excited to be sharing it with lots of diggers, as well as lots of other family in Him–some that I’ve not yet met. Glenn and I believe that this will not only be informative, but very refreshing for those of us who spend our days rushing from one activity to another–all of them good and most of them very much kingdom-related, but still physically and emotionally draining. We are thinking that a time to sing His praises on the shores of the Sea of Galilee or to read His Word from the old steps of the Jerusalem temple might be renewing for our minds and may ready us for a more peaceful and purposeful pursuit of His Will even when we return home.

Sometimes, even with great amounts of prayer and concern over the souls around us, we find ourselves struggling to see the results that we want in the lives of people around us. Sometimes we all get discouraged and find ourselves wondering if our best-laid plans and efforts for souls are really making any difference. Sometimes, it even seems that, when we are going out on limbs to try and influence for good, our efforts are even interpreted negatively.  We are prayerful that for all of the few dozen people in our group, the trip will be a reminder of those in our great faith’s history who, though tempted and tested and discouraged and disillusioned at times, made a difference in the annals of His glory on this earth and are still speaking to us from those Judaean plains, valleys and mountain-tops through the pages of Holy Writ.

Would you please remember our group in your prayers? All have made significant investments to try and make this pilgrimage together. We are praying for good health for all who are traveling for the entirety of the trip. We are praying for weather that will make our time together the most effective. We are praying for wisdom in all of the teaching that will occur as we travel together and for love and goodness in all of our fellowship together. We are praying for safety during each phase of travel. We are so thankful to get to be doing this with family in the Lord. All of us are making a greater pilgrimage to a far superior land together, but may this short trip to the ancient Promised Land be a foretaste of our timeless era to come in the better Promised Land!

A few notes for the women: First, I know you will notice that there are several times set aside for Digging Deep ladies sessions. I, for one, am coveting these times with you. But I also want you to know that these meetings are optional. If you are just extremely tired at the end of a day of hiking and learning, there will be no problem at all with your retiring and skipping these night sessions. On the other hand, if you are tired and just want to sit on that beautiful shore and listen and not participate in any verbal way…there will be nothing required of you…not even taking notes. You can hear the singing and join in our prayers and hear a short snippet from the Word related to what we are seeing, with no strings attached.  So use your best judgment and know that no one will think you are a slacker if you need to rest up!

Next, know that if you are not participating currently in the DD study, but would like to take advantage of these women’s sessions, you are perfectly welcome to do that. You will not feel “lost”or unprepared in any way. Each session will be just as pertinent to the newcomer as to those who’ve been digging all nine years!

And about that Digging Deep podcast….We still are unsure of the time and mode of transmission. But we are working on it. If you are a digger or just an interested Christian woman, check the facebook page “Digging Deep in God’s Word” for updates on the time you can catch that. We are still hoping for a live transmission, but we will soon know and post about that.

So there you go. Pack light. Eat healthy. Check off that “What to Bring” list you got in your email. Get ready to have your spiritual mind blown…certainly not by us, but by the visual aids that the Master Teacher has prepared for these sessions!