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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Missing Your Charm?

We’ve made one more mistake in the store for Digging Deep swag. Someone just pointed out to me that the bracelet photo on the site has two charms instead of one. If you ordered your bracelet and you just got one charm (a shovel), and you’d like a charm that says either “Blessed” or “Love” or “Faith” to attach, please send me a message at and I will pop this in the mail to you. I will attach the double ring, so you can put it on your bracelet easily. This was an oversight on my part. (The bracelets given away at PTP were single charm bracelets and I failed to adjust that when I got home and started mailing them.) Please forgive me and send an email if you need that second charm to complete your digging deep bracelet. Be sure to include your mailing address. Then watch your mail! I really appreciate your help with this, as it would be very difficult, at this point, to try and go back though all those orders and find which bracelets were not double-charmed. 

You diggers are the best and always, with us, you are big on that “long-suffering” fruit of the Spirit. We are big on the “peace” and “joy” ones because you are so good to us. We all are big on those because HE is so good to us. 

I’m praying for our deepest comfort from the Father of mercies as we keep studying together.

And just for a smile, from four-year-old Maggie today:

Maggie apologized for something she did, and her mama told her that she forgave her and it was over. She told her about how God removes our sins and never thinks about them anymore. Maggie said: “Well, sometimes *I* think about my past struggles.”

It’s a conundrum. We all do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when our souls are washed clean because of His wonderful grace and our faithful repentance as His children, we could just forget all the past struggles?  I’m thanking Him this morning that HE does!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep…We Found 24 Charms/Pendants!

We’ve located 24 of these sweet little Digging Deep shovels! They are sterling silver and they are precious little keepsakes. Designed especially for Digging Deep by our good friends at Dempsey’s Jewelers in Johnson City, Tennessee, they bear the words “Digging Deep.”  Mine’s on a bracelet, but lots of sisters have them on little silver chains around their necks. They come with the sturdy little ring for easy attaching and in the pretty little gift box for easy gift-giving ( in case you know a digger who could use some sweet encouragement). We rarely find extra Digging Deep paraphernalia, but I wanted to throw this little find out there and sweep clean the DD shelves once again. You can order the little charms here:!/Sterling-Silver-Digging-Deep-Pendant/p/99264175/category=0

We do have plenty of books if you know someone who’d like to study! It’s not too late to catch up quickly. 

Almost every single order now has been shipped and so, if you are waiting, then it should not be much longer. You are the most encouraging group of ladies I have ever encountered. Thanks for being so forgiving and so patient!

The Israel trip for 2022 is in the works. I met a relatively new digger just yesterday who said “Sign me and my husband up!” Final dates and pricing are not quite ready, but I will let you know as soon as I can. This is so exciting. At present, we are looking at traveling to see where Paul worked and suffered in Rome and then to do a faith-building tour of Israel with lots of new sites to experience. So many amazing Biblical finds are being unearthed in that wonderful part of the world even as I write! It’s so amazing and yet concretely certain that every new find of those diggers (that has to do with Biblical history) is confirming of the authenticity of the God-breathed Word that these diggers (you and me) are searching!

Don’t forget the first video podcast is on the 29th at 7 CST. (I heard there may be some other competing discussion on television that night, so make a wise choice.=)) Seriously,  I do hope you’ll log in with us live  and comment.  You can watch the other guys later! All questions are welcomed, too! I can’t wait! Megan Learned, one of the most encouraging sisters in the whole world, is joining me. Find us here next Tuesday night!