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The Christian Courier…a Good Sleep Aid

It was 4:38 am and I was having a ridiculously hard time sleeping. It was a specific question with which I was wrestling in my mind; a question about our being created in the image of God and exactly how that creation translates into our being “like” God. The class in which I was going to discuss that topic was just six hours away. 

I searched the Christian Courier website and found just what I needed. I printed off a portion of an article from my dear brother Wayne Jackson. He was a friend to Glenn and me in life and He  speaks to us still, being dead. I have a couple of books with which he and his dear wife gifted me. One particular one was a birthday gift gave me several years ago while I was on a speaking trip in Northern California. He took us for dessert at a Stockton ice cream parlor and it’s a memory I treasure. 

The good thing that He is to my life is still good. I thought about the words from his article and went right back to sleep. Just knowing it was waiting for me on the printer when dawn came and I was up for the day was a big blessing. Sometimes it’s articles by one of his sons, Jared or Jason. Sometimes it’s a textual question and sometimes I need comfort from a passage. Sometimes he chastens me and sometimes he is deeply encouraging. But always, Christian Courier is a staple—a go-to—when I have questions about the most important things in life. The answers there are always both Biblical and logical. Here’s a sampling.  It’s a treasure chest. (This is the current home page): 

I love the Bible and I love people who love the Bible. Some of them awe me with both intelligence and wisdom. Last night, Christian Courier was a better sleep aid than Melatonin. The funny thing is that waking up to visit with Wayne Jackson for a few minutes about a passage is not even a rare thing. My husband doesn’t mind. In fact, he sometimes visits with him in the middle of the night, too.We also spend lots of time in this site behind our desks and as we drive along in the car. We’re addicted in a good way!

You can visit the Christian Courier here: 

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