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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Got Boys?

Just yesterday I got a message from a friend in Tennessee who had been listening to some materials from Polishing the Pulpit. Specifically, she had been listening to a lesson about how girls can avoid abusive relationships–signs to look for, and how to get out of those situations. Her question was interesting:

“Do you have any materials for guys who get into similar dating relationships?” As she explained further, I understood that she wasn’t speaking about physical abuse, but rather the avoidance of getting involved with girls who are controlling and demanding. In short, she was speaking about avoiding getting into marriages in which the wife would be unable to live in submission as is so clearly commanded in Ephesians five and other passages. I believe that our failure to develop male spiritual leadership in many congregations is one of the top two problems plaguing the church today.

I am very excited that several congregations have recognized the need for addressing some specific dating and leadership issues for the young men of our congregations. West Huntsville will be hosting a seminar later on this year. For now, though, I wanted you to know about an upcoming opportunity in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I know this faithful church. I, personally, know these faithful speakers. May I recommend that, if you live in driving distance that you try to make this happen for the young men in your life? It could be one eventful morning that makes a difference for their lives and eternities. It may even be the morning that gives some sweet girl down the road the priceless gift of a faithful husband. Here are the details: Young Men’s Seminar Flyer

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Headed to the Office by Glenn Colley

Spend just thirteen weeks investing in future elders in the body of Christ. This study, great for guys classes or individual study, is designed to make our young men want to be church leaders and to give them practical tools to develop the characteristics of elders listed in Titus 1 and I Timothy 3. Rich in scripture, sound in faith, and practical in application, this book will help grow leadership for your congregation’s future. We can’t afford to continue the dearth of great leaders we’ve begun to experience. Let’s be ready when this generation of elders is ready to pass the torch. Great discussion starters and projects to make spiritual maturity and leadership a natural part of the teen years. Great for guys aged 10-20.

Price: $8.95

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