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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Eclipse is Eclipsed!

Sometimes I am amazed at the God of more. I know that His blessings don’t revolve around me and yet they do. He blesses one of us as if there was only the one. Because He is infinite in all respects, he can infinitely bless the finite. The news in Springfield, MO just announced that the most cloud-free place in the area to witness the total eclipse of the sun at 1:47 today would be West Plains. That’s the exact spot where we’re located this morning—Glenn, Ezra (our grand-son) and me. It’s six-and-a-half hours from our home and lots of people we know from Huntsville, Alabama are driving six or eight hours just to see this phenomenon of the Almighty. Some of them had a challenging time finding accommodations in areas less desirable for viewing than the one in which we find ourselves. 

But here we are, in very nice accommodations provided for us by the Christians at Highway 160, with eclipse glasses given by Christians and a picnic lunch provided by Christians while we get to watch the eclipse around the lake with the Christians at the Brown farm. And the best part is that the eclipse is eclipsed by the chance to hear and share the gospel every night this week. We get to assemble and praise Him. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with the diggers of Highway 160 West, about ten of us in the book of 1 Samuel, over coffee and brownies. It was the sweetest fellowship. (In other words, we would be here whether or not there was an eclipse happening today. But what a blessing to witness His glory in this place!)

I looked at Ezra, busily adventuring with ten-year-old twins in that church, and I thought “My God is the God of the living. How excellent is His name!” 

Since I have been in this place—two days—I have received about 18 random notes of encouragement from sisters in Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and more. Sometimes I just wonder how in the world it is that I can be blessed to be part of the family of God. I understand that there are days of discouragement and perhaps you’re in the middle of a storm right now. But the worst day in the family is better than the best day outside of it. 

He is good. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Little Souls and Heaven Talk

Today, I had the three G kids for a while so their Mama could work on her lesson for PTP. It was a Murphy’s law kind of day in all small ways. I mean I couldn’t even believe all the random little calamities. SO in the middle of that, we sat in the car in the rain in a parking lot with a near-dead phone waiting for a rescue from Papa. This little conversation occurred, that put Mr. Murphy out of business!

Colleyanna: Can we listen to music?

Me: I’d like everyone to just be quiet for a little bit, so I can look for my credit card and Papa’s wallet.

Ezra: Yeah, Colleyanna. We just need to be quiet. Mammy is having a hard time. But, this IS a good day, I mean a few little things have gone wrong.

Me (in my head) Yes, a few little things… Wet toddler panties in the wrong place… blackened, in the wrong way, pork chops that we were taking to the shut-ins… dropped muffins that we were taking to the shut-ins… a little hand in the candy jar at the candy store…the discovery that I had no charge card in my wallet and no (zero) cash AFTER the kids had measured out their little bags of candy at the candy store and AFTER the proprietor had weighed it and totaled it up…the discovery that my husband who was nearby had also forgotten his wallet at home because he had baptized someone the night before and gotten his clothes all wet and laid his wallet somewhere to dry…then being rescued by Paul Owen who sometimes has that emergency money on him, and loaned it to my husband…then the drink machine at the restaurant took three minutes between each screen change. [They finally just gave me a big bottle after I had tried to get the kids a drink for about fifteen minutes.]… Then we came out of the restaurant and it was pouring rain and Colleyanna said, “Remember we were going to play in the splash pad.” I said “We ARE playing in the splash pad! It’s just coming from the sky instead of the ground, and we didn’t change into our water shoes!”)

Me (aloud): Yes it is a great day! Papa is coming to help us and everything will be great.

Ezra: But what if Papa has a wreck on the way over here?

Me: Well, he will be fine, but even if he does, that will be okay, too. Because we are going to all be okay all the way to heaven because we just pray when we have a problem and call on God’s people and God takes care of us, always. And he does that all the way to heaven.

Colleyanna: In heaven what will we do if we want something?

Ezra: You won’t even want the same things in heaven.

Me: God will make sure you have everything you want. You will be completely happy.

Colleyanna: So everything will just cost about a dollar or something?

Me: There will not be any money in heaven because we will not need to buy anything. God will make sure we have everything we need.

Colleyanna: Oh…And there’s not going to be anything bad? I mean I know there’s not going to be any crying.

Me: Right. There will be nothing sad, nothing that hurts, you will never wish any thing was different than it is, when we get there.

Colleyanna: But if he wipes away all tears, then could there be tears that you cry because you are happy?

Ezra: yeah, I think there could be happy tears.

Me: I guess so.

Ezra: Can the devil ever get into heaven?

Me: No. He will be forever in a very bad place with all the people who are liars and who don’t want to follow Jesus. It will be very bad for those people. That’s why it is hard to see why any people don’t want to follow Jesus for this short time on earth. It’s just really a test to see if we decide we want to follow Him and go to heaven. Why would people not choose that?

Ezra: But the devil will always be happy, right?

Me: You know, I don’t think anyone is truly happy if he decides to live away from God. Maybe people act like they are very happy and glad, but, really, I don’t think the devil will be happy at all in eternity. It will be a very bad way to exist and he will know that he has been forever defeated. He has lost.

Then Papa drove up with a borrowed 100 dollar bill and after he left …

Colleyanna: Wow! A hundred dollars! That is a LOT of money!

Me: (in my head): A half-a-dollar would be a lot of money right now, in comparison, when I’m sitting here in the rain without one red cent and without my credit card. 

Colleyanna: Can I see that one hundred dollar bill?

Me: Sure,  just hang on to it. It’s all we have today.

Ezra: Oh Mammy, maybe you shouldn’t give her that.

Me: It’s okay.

Colleyanna: Look this bill says “God”.

Me: Right. All of our money says “In God we trust.” That’s becasue our founding fathers wanted people to remember to trust in God instead of money. Wouldn’t it be great if all people did trust in God instead of money?

Ezra: Colleyanna, give that back now before you tear it.

I kind of agree with Ezra. I mean, a few little things have gone wrong, but it was a pretty good day. =)…And thanks, Mr. Paul.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

His Comfort in Israel/Rome

We are leaving for Israel/Rome in three days and I have never felt so unprepared for any trip. I do not yet know what I am going to say in any of our Digging Deep sessions. I have not packed one thing. I’m having company in both my house and cabin as I leave and I am very glad they are all chill —about everything!…Because just about everything is in disarray. I brought home some hampers of laundry from Hannah’s house last night and I have decided “hamper” is a great word to represent what mountains of laundry does to your life. 

But it is well with my soul. I realize that only three weeks ago, I was pretty sure I would be doing this trip without my husband. I was pretty sure and I was, selfishly, pretty bummed. But God provides and, this time, through some very hard things, He provided my favorite travel partner for this trip. Together, we are going to trust the God of all Comfort and know that He is able to provide what we need in every way. I know it will be a most informative and life-changing time with God’s people as we are immersed with evidences that He is our God of all Comfort; that from Zion he still delivers His people from hopelessness. All of the little things that are good at making themselves loom large, really pale into trivia when God’s people take time to ponder the great redemption! I am determined to empty my soul of the trivial distractions and stand in awe as I grasp the arresting reality of what He did in visiting mankind two thousand years ago. It doesn’t matter where we praise Him, of course, but I am longing to praise him from what He called His “holy hill” again (Psalm 2:6).

I don’t know if I will be able to do this, but I am hoping to make, and post, some short video clips, on a child’s level, from various sites in Israel/Rome so that you can show them to your kids at Family Bible time. These are for my grandchildren, but your kids can be my grandkids, too! If you are interested in getting this, I will try and post over on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook page. My kids are excited, so I hope it works! Watch that page. 

For those who are going on the trip, please post your pictures and any comments on the Digging Deep in Israel facebook page. This is a public page, so invite your friends to join and watch your travels. This will be fun! (It’s okay if it gets very crowded on that page. We will be enjoying it for years to come!)

The Digging Deep in Israel and Rome facebook group is different. It’s just for the travelers

and contains pertinent information and questions and schedule changes, etc…for those going on the trip. That’s where we will be able to get/give  quick info that we need as we travel. We’re so grateful to the Moores and Bible Land Passages for being so extremely helpful and answering questions quickly and, in general, just being the godly people that they are! (There’s already some great information over there about things to bring to clean and hydrate and even about how much cash you will want to have on your person!) Be sure that you have the guidebook for the trip, either printed or downloaded for easy access. We found that to be extremely useful! 

Thanks to Jennifer Benavides, for helping us get the podcast transmitted and posted from the Sea of Galilee (and for keeping Oreo, Colleyanna’s kitty while we are gone). I hope some of you can watch the podcast live on Monday, the 7th of November at 8:15 am CST. I’m so happy that Julie Orr will be co-hosting! 

I know His comfort will be ours as we strive to glorify Him on this trip. All of the glory is His. That becomes very evident when you are standing in Gethsemane and hearing His words “If it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done,” or when you are sitting on the old temple mound singing “Be still my soul. The Lord is at thy side.” This trip, for which I’m woefully unprepared is just what my soul needs. 

I just hope I’m a little better prepared to cross the “Jordan” when it’s the final crossing from this life to the next! May God bless our passage now and then!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

PTP…It’s a Wrap! (Really!…a blanket of His Providence…)

Some of the finishers!


Presentation by Eric Owens

Polishing the Pulpit is finished for 2022. Every year when we are packing our vehicles to return to Huntsville it seems a blur, as if we stepped out of our vehicles and then seven or so days were fast forwarded—compacted into a few hours—and, just like that, it’s over. This is the year we needed it more than ever before. We went there very tired (sick parents, the stress of the struggles that characterize living in this world, the heartaches of the devil’s work about us, workloads that were formidable.) God’s amazing providence in placing us in a family has never been more clear to us. (Some events of His providence are not necessarily evidenced in the moment. Our placement in a large family of His children, rather than going Christianity alone, IS manifest Providence!) The church is, foremost, an unspeakable vehicle for our salvation. It is, secondly and importantly, His blanket of comfort as we travel though the wilderness on the way to the eternal promised land. We were wrapped in that comfort as we experienced PTP 2022. His blanket, for us, was palpable. We are so very thankful to the Father that we get to be a tiny part of this program that is an immunity boost for those who are determined to avoid the infection of sin in our world. Lessons by Hiram Kemp, Eric Owens and Rebekah Colley were among the most strengthening for me this year. I’m so thankful for the thumb drive containing the lessons I did not get to hear! 

Speaking of comfort, I hope you are getting ready to study the topic we need so much in 2022! It’s here and it officially kicks off on September 1st. I hope you can invite others. I am absolutely positive—I can promise— that, if you study along, you will find blessings in whatever it is that’s causing pain, sorrow, confusion and/or dissonance in your world today. You can find your materials here: Remember, there’s a free download of the study at that spot. One highlight of PTP, for me, is the recognition of finishers (the ones who are present) of the previous study. This year we had about 35 women present who had completed every reading assignment, every question, every practical assignment, and every podcast. (Did anyone get an exact count? I need to re-watch.) This is an estimated minimum of 120 hours of digging!  Ladies don’t do this kind of study for recognition. They do it for reconciliation to the God of all Comfort; for the redemption that instructs them to make their calling sure! I’m so thankful for these diggers!

If you want to study along, there’s an introductory video pinned to the top of the facebook page called Digging Deep in God’s Word. You need to join the group and watch that. It is here:  You can also find it here, if you are not on facebook: 

There are lots of women who can help you, if you get stumped along the way, especially if you are in the facebook group. It’s full of helps and questions and tips and tutorials through the year. If you’re an old pro digger and you’ve taken a digging hiatus during the chaotic Covid time, now is the time to jump back in. September 1st is always a great new beginning for spiritual goals and glory!

I’m ready!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The River Clapped its Hands.

I was just so tired of looking at masks instead of smiles. My kids who live close enough for me  to ever see them anyway, were all in quarantine. I didn’t even want to drag out the Halloween jack-o-lanterns and garlands and goblins because nobody is ever going to be coming over. Every time I opened my laptop, I’d feel just a little worse after looking at the news. The counseling Glenn and I were doing—talking, really —was about heavy things that were hard to get out of my mind once the conversations were finished. Some people seemed bound to make decisions they are bound to regret once the pandemic and national tension are over. Sometimes, I was pretty sure attitudes in the grocery store had also been affected by the negativity in the world at large; there seemed to always be tension there, but never any Clorox wipes. People I knew were in the hospital and I could not visit them. Sisters I knew had been diagnosed with Covid and, worse still, others had been diagnosed with cancer. (These last observations should have been enough to stop me cold in my “pity party” tracks, but I persisted.)…I had geared up to speak a whole bunch of times this year and every single speaking engagement of 2020 had either been canceled or I was speaking it into a camera in an empty studio room. There were never any encouraging, in-person faces; and if there were, I could not see past the masks. We’d mailed out hundreds of packages and about one out of every five was lost in transit. Glenn, in cleaning up after a family birthday party, had jerked on a birthday balloon I’d taped to the candelabra (back before all the kids were quarantined) and he jerked the whole fixture down, so I had a dangling broken light fixture above my dining room table. Stuff was broken in the little Digging Deep studio, too. Mornings would find me determined to accomplish a check-list. Evenings would find me moving most of today’s to-do list to tomorrow’s page. At night before falling asleep, I’d read about some city (or forest) where fires were ragIng, because of natural forces or because of forces of racial and vitriolic unrest. I really was wallowing in the national pandemic of discouragement. 

My husband suggested that we go away for a few days. “We NEED to do this, Cindy,” he’d say almost every day. “Our bodies and minds need to rest.” I was less than thrilled, arguing that this is not a good time to travel. “I just got home from a necessary trip”… “Things will be closed. We are in a pandemic.”  But I tried to be compliant.  I checked out flights  to New England to look at the leaves, but apparently they don’t want people from Alabama to look at their leaves this year. That little trip would have required a couple of weeks of quarantine and temperature checks upon arrival, etc. So we just pointed the car in a southwesterly direction and ended up in Natchez, Mississippi with very little purpose or plan to do or see anything. But I saw a lot of things. 

In the state of Mississippi, the mask mandate had been lifted. That, friends, may not have been medically smart. I do not know. I do know, though, that seeing strangers smile at strangers is a balm to weary spirits.

Immediately upon reaching our hotel in Natchez, we started looking for a church. The place where we ended up was in Vidalia, Louisiana. (After that search online and in the car, for a couple of hours, I was most appreciative of our church family, city-wide, in Huntsville, AL) This little church had to be the friendliest one in the state of Louisiana. All of their services were in-person. Their singing was robust and obviously from their hearts. They prayed for their “visitors” from Alabama in every single prayer and they graciously asked Glenn to preach on Sunday. But the thing that renewed my appreciation for the family of God was the comment in class by the kind gentleman who also led their singing. In the context of brotherly love from 1 John, he said “Most of you know that I live by myself. I try to talk to neighbors about the Lord, but most of them are not too interested. You know that this right here is my family. Y’all are my people. Y’all are the ones I need to see and I look forward to the times we get to be together. This is my place.” Now I don’t know about you, but my soul soared to hear this black brother talk about this very racially integrated body of believers as “his people.” I thought “This is what the Lord wants in all of our hearts. While the world is tumultuously acting like the world and trying to make everybody walk on eggshells around everybody else, he has called us out of darkness and translated us into this great family—the kingdom of his dear Son.” I determined to go home and just love my family like never before! Sometimes a woman needs a brother to just put her self-focused little mind in place again. He, like a spiritual chiropractor, just popped me back into alignment. 

The next time we met with these sweet Christians, I took along our current Digging Deep study book and found women, who had never even heard of DD, eager to begin. Glenn talked to these sweet folks about Lads to Leaders (They had not heard about that either, but there was obvious young potential there.) There were folks there who had already found us and our West Huntsville family online and already begun to listen to archived lessons online. This zeal for the Lord’s family was refreshing.

Glenn was diligently looking, on this trip, for replacement light fixtures and doors for some oddly sized closet entrances in one of our bedrooms. We found someone who was selling both there in Natchez and set up a time to meet her. While almost every old house or historic place we attempted to go and see had been closed due to a hurricane (…yes, we had unwittingly traveled TO the hurricane area and electricity was off in much of the area and trees were across several area roads) this sweet lady took us to a large living space—a loft on the top of business space on Commerce Street in historic downtown Natchez, to look at light fixtures and doors!  Not only did we get the antique doors and the fixture—both just what we wanted—but she, having grown up in Natchez, was able to give us perspectives about history that no tour guide had yet given. Finding that she had been to Israel, we began talking about Judaism and the Old Testament. By that time, of course, I’m back at the SUV, digging out our Digging Deep study of the Ten Commandments and I honestly think no one has ever been more excited to get a copy of a Digging Deep book than this sweet lady was to receive The Ten. I have a sister who is going to love to study this with me!”

…And in my reluctant heart, I was thinking “God is showing Cindy Colley a few things about a few things, among which are mercies that are new every morning (particularly in new faces and places). He might be showing me that I should just follow the counsel of the godly man He gave me, without arguing. He could be providentially asking me to get busy counting blessings and evangelizing wherever I am; focusing on finding opportunities to speak of Him, knowing that the world of vitriol changes one heart at a time as people are influenced by the gospel.”

And then, before coming home, we just stood and looked out over the mighty Mississippi. Covering two city blocks that had once been a bustling part of old Natchez, those mighty waters just keep on raging with undercurrents that prevent swimming or fishing, jet-skis or sailing. From the Natchez shoreline, just about the only boats one sees today are huge barges. headed for more peaceful ports and trade farther inland on the tributaries of this powerful body. Draining 41 percent of the United States, the water flows at incredible speeds and with deadly force. But God is in the business of irrigating and draining and He has channeled the power of millions of gallons of water within our vision—for warmth and light and industry and transportation. It’s hard to look at that river and its productivity without marveling at the creative and controlling power of the God we serve.

He gets it right, every time. In a world that’s screaming about justice and equity, I’m going to follow the One who gets it right. Even when I, his daughter, may question and writhe in His Providence—even when I might grumble in the shadow of His mercies, He gets it right. He is supreme and I’ve returned home with a greater respect for His majesty and provision for me. I saw the mightiest river in our part of the world “clap its hands” in full glorification of the Lord. Who am I to hang my head and think life’s unfair when the river is praising the equity of God?! 



Let the rivers clap their hands;

let the hills sing for joy together

before the Lord, for he comes

to judge the earth.

He will judge the world with righteousness,

and the peoples with equity (Psalm 97:8,9).


He gets it right. I’m thankful for renewal.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Baby G3 Gender Guessing Contest! Go!

Mother’s Day is Sunday and our 40th wedding anniversary is on the 16th, so I’m getting, Lord willing, a very special gift next week! Baby G3 (the fourth grand-baby for these two blessed people) is due to arrive on Thursday of next week and we could NOT be more excited!  We have many blessings, but it’s easy in a pandemic to magnify the negatives and allow them to block our view of amazing provisions and platitudes. A blessing of this magnitude is one more reason to keep our focus on the One who already knows every outcome of this chaotic state of Covid-19. I will not get to be at the hospital, but I will be sharing the news of baby brother or sister with his/her two older siblings and with YOU! Post your best guess about Baby G3. Post gender, weight and length. All correct gender-guessers will then compete in weight guessing. Length will be used for exact tie-breaking. Winner will receive 4 (in honor of the 4th grandchild) free items of your choosing, from the Colley House site ( All guesses must be in comments below this post on my personal FB page. SO go there to guess.