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Guest Writer Benjamin Anderson: Lads to Leaders

(I invited Benjamin Anderson to share a few reflections of our recent Lads to Leaders year-round work and our travel to the convention in Nashville, one of six national convention locations.  Here, Benjamin has skimmed the surface of what’s life enriching–even life changing, I would say–for lots of kids at West Huntsville. We took a while on a Sunday night after services recently to try and recognize these kids who participated and were honored at the convention. We had so many, however, that time did not allow us to even verbally list the names of all of those who walked across that stage in Nashville. Following Benjamin’s article, I’ve included that list of winners. Everyone who is diligently trying to use talents for His glory is winning. Every day toward heaven is a win!)


Benjamin Anderson…on Lads


What do we do in the Lads program? Lads to Leaders has events, like an event called Bible Bowl, where we study a certain book of the Bible and answer questions about it. Another event uses puppets to get a certain message across in a fun way. My favorite event is puppets, because I like to see fun ways to produce a Biblical message. You can do almost anything in Lads, so keep looking for your place.

Each year there is a convention which takes place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Opryland Hotel. The hotel is very lavish and humongous and sometimes it is hard to tell where you are going. 

One of the best parts of lads is awards! I’m not saying it’s about the awards, but it’s cool to see a kid’s face light up when he wins. Sometimes, people might take the awards extremely seriously, but really, the awards are the second priority. First? Serving God to become better leaders…as in “Lads to Leaders.” 

Lads helps us to become better at leading worship for God. It is a great program that churches use all over the country. It’s a great tool that families can use to train children into adult leaders.  

Here are the West Huntsville kids who were honored at the convention. Congratulations to all who worked toward true success this year. They know its definition…

Parade of Leaders
  • Michael Benavides
  • Marlie Thompson
Mass Media
  • Jacob Dozier – Article/Editorial – 3rd Place
  • Abigail Owen – Article/Editorial – 2nd Place
  • Morgan Perry – Article/Editorial – 3rd Place
  • Jacob Dozier – Audio Presentation – 3rd Place
  • Wesley Dozier – Audio Presentation – 1st Place
  • Caleb Owen – Audio Presentation – 1st Place
  • Hart Holt – Audio Presentation – 3rd Places
Year Round Bible Reading/Study
  • Marlie Thompson – Silver
Scholarship Presentations
  • Michael Benavides
  • Titus Thompson
Year Round Songs of Praise
  • Bronze – Jill Davidson
  • Silver – Morgan Wells, Abigail Wright, Natalie Wright
  • Gold – Marlie Thompson
Year Round Song Leading
  • Bronze – Jacob Dozier, Wesley Dozier
  • Silver – David Moseley
  • Gold – Michael Benavides, Caleb Owen, Douglas Smith, Titus Thompson
Year Round Speech
  • Bronze – Marlie Thompson
  • Silver – Michael Benavides
Pearls Written Test Top Ten Scores
  • Benjamin Anderson, Noah Anderson, Wesley Dozer, Jacob Dozier, Jill Davidson, Titus Thompson, Michael Benavides
  • Jill Davidson, Marlie Thompson, Morgan Wells, Abigail Owen, Hannah Perry, Emma Green, Lydia Rubelsky, Loretta Soli
  • Jacob Dozier, Wesley Dozier, David Moseley, Luke Rubelsky, Malachi Soli, Jake Rubelsky, Brondon Todd
Second Language
  • Bronze – Michael Benavides, Darcie Smith, Harrison Smith, Holly Smith, Derrick Smith, Marlie Thompson
  • Julie Canter, Rebecca Johnson, Addison Wells, Morgan Wells, Natalie Wright
  • Brady Wells, Malachi Soli
Read the Word
  • Rebecca Johnson, Margie Thompson, Jill Davidson, Sean Johnson
Good Samaritan
  • Michael Benavides, Jill Davidson, Jacob Dozier, Wesley Dozier, Braxton Moseley, David Moseley, Abigail Owen, Caleb Owen, Kinsley Payne, Darcie Smith, Harrison Smith, Malachi Soli, Marlie Thompson
Art Says It
  • Marlie Thompson – 1st Place Sketch
  • Julie Canter – 1st place sketch
  • Abigail Owen – 2nd place sketch
Songs of Praise
  • 3rd Grade – Addi Wells 2nd Place
  • 4th Grade – Abigail Wright, Kathryn Perry – Finalists
  • 8th Grade – Marlie Thompson – 2nd Place
  • 10th Grade – Grace Turner – 2nd Place
  • 11th Grade – Marlie Fisher – 1st Place
Song Leading
  • 5th Grade – Brody Clarke, Ben Rubelsky – Finalists
  • 6th Grade – Benjamin Anderson – 2nd Place
  • 8th Grade – Brandon Todd – 3rd Pace, Malachi Soli, Jake Rubelsky – Finalists
  • 11th Grade – Michael D’Herde – 3rd Place, Michael Todd – 1st Place
Winner’s Circle Songs of Praise
  • 4-6 Grade – Natalie Wright – 2nd Place
Winner’s Circle Song Leading
  • 4-6 Grade – Noah Anderson – 2nd Place
  • 10-12 Grade – Michael Benavides – 1st Place
  • Boys – Michael Benavides/Michael Todd – 1st Place, Titus Thompson/Brandon Todd – 2nd Place
    • Individuals – Titus Thompson – 3rd Place, Michael Todd – 2nd Place, Michael Benavides – 1st Place
Winner’s Circle Speech
  • Boys 7-9 Grade – Malachi Soli – 1st Place
  • 3rd Grade Girls – Addie Wells, Finalist
  • 4th Grade Girls – Abigail Wright – 1st Place
  • 4th Grade Boys – Gideon Soli – 1st Place
  • 5th Grade Girls – Natalie Wright – 1st Place
  • 5th Grade Boys – Brody Clarke – 2nd Place, Ian Collier, Ben Rubelsky, Brady Wells – Finalists
  • 7th Grade Girls – Morgan Perry – Finalist
  • 7th Grade Boys – Wesley Dozier – 1st Place
  • 8th Grade Girls – Marlie Thompson – 3rd Place
  • 8th Grade Boys – Brandon Todd – Finalist
  • 10th Grade Girls – Grace Turner – 3rd Place
  • 11th Grade Boys – Caleb Owen – 3rd Place
  • 12th Grade Boys – Titus Thompson – 2nd Place
Bible Bowl Test High Scorer
  • K-2 – Allii Barber, Weston Cantor, Sean Johnson, Jonathan Wright
  • 3-4 – Abigail Wright,
  • 5-6 – Natalie Wright, Noah Anderson, Allison Botello, Benjamin Anderson, Julie Cantor, Jeffrey Davidson
  • 11-12 – Michael Benavides, Titus Thompson
Bible Bowl Team
  • 5-6
    • West Huntsville Team A – Finalist
      • Natalie Wright, Allison Botello, Jonathan Wright
    • West Huntsville Team B – 3rd Place
      • Jeffrey Davidson, Adrianna Botello, Weston Cantor, Rebecca Johnson
    • West Huntsville Team C – Finalist
      • Abigail Wright, Brody Clarke, Addison Wells, Ian Collier
    • West Huntsville Team D – Finalist
      • Julie Canter, Brady Wells, Alii Barber, Gideon Soli
  • 7-8 – Finalist
    • Noah Anderson, Benjamin Anderson, Malachi Soli, Marlie Thompson
  • 11-12 – Finalist
    • Titus Thompson, Michael Benavides, Jill Davidson, Brandon Todd
  • 3rd Grade – West Huntsville – 1st Place
  • 6th Grade – West Huntsville – 1st Place
  • 9th Grade – West Huntsville – 2nd Place
  • 12th Grade – West Huntsville – 2nd Place


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