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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

New Book by Ben Giselbach….Be More Confident in Teaching Your Friends!

You really are a theologian. Everyone’s responsible for thinking right about God and His Will for man. Every man’s destiny depends on that thought process and resultant action. It’s called obedient faith. But lots of us who have accepted the gospel in obedient faith still feel unqualified to share the saving gospel with those around us, especially those who have been taught one brand or another of Calvinism…you know, unconditional election, total depravity, irresistible grace or limited atonement.

It’s hard for me to tell you how proud I am of this work from Plain Simple Faith by Ben Giselbach. The Colley House is honored to promote and highly recommend this new book in the You Are a Theologian series. Each book builds on the previous one, but I believe this is the most important one yet, because it deals with the subject of man’s salvation. When perusing this book for the first time, it kept occurring to me what a great study this would be for a New Testament Christian to introduce to a friend who has been entrenched in the concept of denominationalism or any of its eternally misleading facets.  For that reason alone, I believe it will be one of the few books you will ever purchase to reuse over and over again. I am already praying that I can study through this book with someone who is honest and can think logically about the Word. That person, having studied this book with me, will obey and have salvation.

The subject matter makes this book important. Its readability makes it practical. It’s an easy personal read, but it’s also an excellent class study. Ben says if you do study it as a group, each chapter should probably be covered in about three class periods. I tend to think congregations could spend a year digging into these thirteen chapters and never have a boring or redundant class.

Still, I’m most excited about the prospective use of this tool in evangelism. Ben makes us think about the problem of sin and then guides us through the logical rejection of some dangerous and deceptive doctrines that are widely accepted in our world relative to salvation. He builds in us a greater appreciation for our own ransom paid by the Savior and helps us be competent to reach our friends who are building their lives on false hopes. I believe we can be confident in going to talk to our neighbors about the most important subject they can consider in a lifetime, if we prepare ourselves.  I’m sure this book can help us to do just that.

I could spend a long while telling sisters about the character of the author; about his work ethic and his deep love for the Lord. But you will see it for yourselves in the well-researched and heaven-focused pages of Thinking Right about Salvation. I’m looking forward to presenting this book to people I encounter who are looking for clarity in a culture of religious chaos. I want to say, “Here’s an excellent work I’ve discovered that has helped me understand that God’s plan is forthright and simple. It’s a work that’s very honest with the Word. Would you like to study through it with me?”  I hope you can do that, too. If one soul is positioned for heaven as a result of truths learned from this study, it will be infinitely valuable; but I believe it will, in time, reach a lot more than one soul.

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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Put This in Someone’s Stocking. Better Yet…in Someone’s Heart!

slider-1000x400I’m excited about the release of this new book. In fact, if you just get to read one book besides THE Book in the coming year, make it this one. Maybe you’ve been lumping all the twenty and early thirty-somethings you know in the big and nebulous category of relativistic millennials—kids who don’t think there’s any universal truth, but rather march to the beat of their own emergent drums while declaring their personal manifestos of tolerance and “transformation”. Ben Giselbach is a millennial, but he breaks the stereotypical mold in You Are a Theologian: Thinking Right about the Bible. 

He’s dedicated the book to all of his peers “who’ve left the faith because they’ve failed to believe or were not taught the first principles in this book.”  That dedication, because I know what’s in the book, makes me want to make sure every young person in my realm of influence gets a handle on this material. It’s every Christian mother’s nightmare that her children will, in spite of her best efforts, believe the lies of pop sociology and so-called science that ultimately rule out the existence of any absolute standards of doctrine and morality. It’s a reality that we are losing the majority of our children to the world. The saddest truth is that another way of saying this is that we are losing them to eternal hell. I want to make sure my children and grandchildren are not ever among those who “were not taught”. This is the book that can give you the confidence to fight for their souls by teaching them foundational concepts.

Theology is simply the study of God. This book gives a scholarly, yet easy-to-understand  and systematic approach to the exploration of the attributes of God—His character—and that of His Word, both its veracity and the application of its truth. Ben peels back the facade of the “you- can’t-be-intelligent-and-still-believe-the-Bible” mentality that your kids will face in the media, the world of academia and even in their peer groups. Best of all, he conveys concepts that can seem lofty in a very readable format. You will “get this” and you will be able to explain your theology to others in a way that will bring them logically to the pivotal point of accepting or denying God and His Truth. 

I’m sure there are other studies that succinctly pack this much foundational truth into one short volume. I’m just not sure where. You could put it in someone’s stocking and you just might put it in her heart, too. That would be a pretty good gift. 

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