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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

…And I Thought the Smile Was Just for the Camera

Tonight I get to attend the annual West Huntsville Women’s Retreat. It’s a time that yields closer relationships among sisters and it’s a spiritual focus sharpener. It’s a very temporary get-away that helps us ultimately win the eternal get-away from the sinful world. It makes us know we were meant for heaven and it makes us want to diligently set our affections there. I hope you Huntsville friends are coming!

This year, I’m especially excited that I get to hear Christian speaker/author Rebekah Colley talk about “Knowing God.” I love that she’s so knowledgeable at the very young and energetic age of 22. I love that she focuses on the Word and throws in an illustration here and there, rather than the other way around. I love that she knows Koine Greek, the language of the original New Testament. I love that I got to pick her up at the airport and spend a little time with her. And I love, love, love that she is carrying my grand baby! 

In case you missed the Facebook posts, I’m over-the-moon excited to tell you that  next July 20th is the due date for our first grandchild that will wear the last name “Colley”. If Ezra and Colleyanna have taught this grandmother anything, it’s that there is infinite love in my heart for every grandchild. I cannot wait to meet this baby that’s already very much alive and very active and already has my heart! I am not dealing as well with the eight-or- so hours that separate Huntsville from Jacksonville, Florida, where this baby has taken up residence, but I’m saving every frequent flyer mile from this Samoa trip to try and keep me… and them, frequent Florida/Alabama travelers in the future.

It was very sweet of my Rebekah to give me a family photo shoot for Christmas. I was busy, but I knew it would be worth it to pick out those clothes in the right color scheme and assemble down at the cabin. I knew I’d love the 16 x 20 canvas that Rebekah was having made for me of my favorite photo from the session. The photographer came over to shoot the photos. We posed and posed on that porch and then we rearranged and posed some more. We moved to other spots. We bribed Ezra and Colleyanna to be patient and keep smiling.  We held them for some of the shots and then put them down for others. Ezra even managed to get on Ben’s shoulders for a few of the shots. We moved back to the porch again. Then, as the camera  was just clicking away, Caleb just casually (and out of the blue) said “We’re having a baby.” 

I know you’re thinking that they were very clever to have that camera clicking as they spilled those beans. And you’re right. So today, in case you missed it, I’m sharing just a fraction of the photos. It’s really not for you, though. It’s so I’ll have this moment—the most unexpected, fun surprise of my year–on this blog which has evolved into the chronicling of my ordinary, but blessed life. 

Thank you for catching this on film, Caleb and Rebekah. I’m so glad this loved child will call two of the most godly people I know “Mama” and “Daddy.” (And I can’t wait to hear him say “Mammy”! ) I’m glad for your strong desire to transfer faith into her. I’m blessed above teeming billions of people on the planet because all of my children are seeking Him and are determined to pass down a legacy of righteousness; never self-righteousness, but holiness because of Calvary. It’s not what I deserve, but it surely is what I desire: a little tribe of Colley and Giselbach children who love books and who love THE Book most of all, little boys who love super-heroes, but who supremely love THE Hero who conquered death that we might have life. I long for little imaginations that conjure up castles and queens, knights in armor and tiny animated other-worlds. But I want them to firmly plant their dreams in THE other world where THE King is preparing a forever-after for them. Did I ever mention that MY fondest dream is being around the throne with them? I’m so thankful for my portrait, Rebekah Colley.  I’m most thankful that you and Caleb share the big dream!

Here are a few of the bajillion  photos. You can definitely find the exciting revelation moment. (It’s fun to watch Ezra disappear into a hug, too…and then watch the progression of Hannah’s hands. OK…maybe not as much fun for you as for me!) 

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