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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Thank-you for your Prayers…

If you are among those who prayed for Brother Kovalenko, please read this letter I received from his wife, Brooke. Prayer is not always answered in the way we think best and, for this, we praise Him. He gives us what is truly best. Either way, it is so very comforting to know that our Calvary-blood relatives are praying us through. Here’s Brooke’s letter. I have a feeling, she will never be the same and that what she is becoming through trials is better than what she has ever been!

Dear Cindy, 

My name is Brooke Kovalenko. I am digging deep along with you as we examine the power of the final conversations of Christ. You were contacted several weeks ago by my sister, Amanda Griffin, coveting prayers on my husband’s behalf as he was in a very serious battle with Covid. When Amanda told me that she had reached out to you to request prayers for us throughout all of the platforms that you employ, I was so thankful and encouraged to know that you and fellow like-minded Christians were lifting our names up to our Father. He is the Creator and the Great Physician. Although we are so thankful for each medical doctor, nurse, and technician who attended my husband during his stay at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, we know that their success was in the hands of the One who understood the needs of my husband the most, and he guided their decisions throughout his treatment. Never before has the power of prayer been so abundantly realized in our lives and during this latest crisis in our family. Incredibly specific prayers were being answered within hours. Fellow Christians, who we will never meet until we are gathered at the pearly gates, truly helped me and my family bear this burden. My husband is now well along the road to recovery. We have come through this as stronger Christians and with a greater appreciation for the power of God’s army when they are joined in a march to the throne of God with a common request. What a blessing the church is! It is a true family that can uphold and benefit each other in the darkest of hours. I want to thank you for your personal prayers on our behalf. I would also appreciate if you would post on every platform that you previously used on our behalf to let everyone know that we can never thank each person enough for their prayers. Let them know that we have prayed for them as well, that their lives will be blessed, just as ours has been. Please let it be acknowledged that prayer is a blessing of being in Christ’s Body and that we should not ever take it for granted or underestimate the power and potential blessings it can shower upon us as obedient children .We are living in a confusing and evil world, being buffeted on every side from the powers of darkness throughout our society and across the globe. Thankfully, we have a source of hope that can bring peace that surpasses understanding, even as we walk through the dark valleys of this life. People need encouragement. We want our positive outcome to provide encouragement to others as a piece of good news during these trying times. We serve an awesome God who has the power to provide for our needs and direct the best outcome for our lives. We need to always remember to lean on Him. His Hand is extended toward His children, and we need to take advantage of His loving kindness and hold His Hand allowing Him to direct the pathways of our lives. We should rely on His will, obediently trusting in Him with reverence and fear, knowing that He is the keeper of our souls. We have been so humbled, not only by God’s mercy in healing my husband, but also by the knowledge that we were being supported and lifted up in prayer by so many. We have truly been blessed, and you, and every person who heard about us through you, have been a huge part of the blessings we have received. We thank you, and every platform follower you informed, beyond words. We give all thanks and praise to God who listened to every petition made on our behalf and who, in His mercy and wisdom, provided us with such a powerful support system while we are on earth. Thank you again so much. We will continue to keep you and your efforts in our prayers. 

In Christian Love, 

Brooke Kovalenko

Lake Forest Church of Christ

Jacksonville, Florida 

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