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A Favorite Episode

So last night I watched an episode of a funny show. This is really unusual for me, since I don’t have cable or satellite TV, Hulu, or Netflix. But I get a package every now and then from Apologetics Press and, last week, we received episodes seventeen and eighteen of Digger Doug. I guess I’m a little old to be part of the Digger Doug fan base, but I’m a fan. As I watched episode seventeen about the formation of coal, I wished that something like Digger Doug had been available for my kids back in the day. It was the most professional of any episode to date and the music was outstanding. But the best thing about it was the extremely entertaining and  effective way the information was disseminated; information designed to fortify faith in little minds before they even know what faith really is. That’s what parents have to do.
We have to put healthy eating habits in our kids way before they are exposed to junk food. We build immunities in them before they are exposed to deadly diseases. We put integrity in their hearts before they’re tempted to cheat on a test. In similar fashion, we must put faith in the Word in them before they are exposed to the world of academia in which there is a definite textbook agenda to replace any belief in God with a belief in the Darwinian theory of evolution. 
I hope you are a mother or a grandmother who takes this responsibility seriously. I, being in between the mom-of-small-kids stage and the grandmom stage (for a preferably short time), am just as determined to help my children fight the humanist agenda in the hearts of my grandchildren as I ever was to protect the faith of my own children. Exposure to truth is the key to maintaining faith and the Digger Doug series of  fun and animation is a great tool to help your children love discovering truth. So I’m all about Digger Doug, Iguana Don, The Singing Sycamore Tree, Willy the Word Worm and what’s happening at Dave’s Diner. In fact, some of the stuff happening at Dave’s Diner and around that Sycamore Tree and in the studio with Willy the Word Worm may end up helping your kids to the Bread of Life, and the Tree of Life, and the Word of Life. That could be some pretty amazing episodes! 
(Oh yes. My favorite character on episode seventeen is Cole Coal. Can’t put my finger on it, but I like him. Next favorite is Willy the Word Worm.)

The Adventures of Digger Doug is available at

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

If you can, GO! But if not…

I think I sometimes fail to mention the great amount of good that comes from a program held yearly in Sevierville, TN in August called Polishing the Pulpit. It’s the highlight of the Colleys’ yearly speaking events, for sure,  and I would highly recommend saving your energy, vacation time, and money to make it a part of your agenda this or any year it’s possible for you to attend. It used to be for preachers. Now it’s for everybody who’s serious about faithfulness and evangelism. The women’s programs, in my estimation are second to none in the world, not because I speak, but in spite of that fact.  You can go to for details.
It is so exciting to remember that only about ten years ago I was speaking for the first-ever PTP women’s program and we had one session per day with a total of about twelve women. My Hannah was in charge of childcare during the class. She was fourteen. Those who attend in 2011 will enjoy fellowship with hundreds of Christian sisters and sit in classes taught by lots of capable women and on the most relevant topics you can imagine for God’s women. If you can go, just be prepared to look forward to going every year. You’ll be hooked for life! (And the babysitter for that first year has spoken on the program for PTP and this year is looking forward to attending with her new husband! Time flies when you are having fun!)
And now, there’s a complete Bible school for elementary aged children, a great staff to care for preschoolers, and a full spiritual program for teens. It would be worth your while to be there if only for your kids! And, have I mentioned that hundreds of husbands grow into better spiritual leaders as a result of this event each year? (If you are the wife of one of these “leaders” I would love to hear from you. You may influence some other family to grow toward heaven by being part of PTP.) Can you tell I’m a fan yet?
But, in the event you are unable to attend, the next best thing (a distant next-best) is purchasing some of the “best of” series from the PTP website. These CD sets are great for the car, and will drive your study time to greater depths than you have before experienced. So look over these sets on the PTP website if you can’t be there in person. I have included a short note from a sister that reminded me to promote the agenda of Polishing the Pulpit. That agenda reaches beyond the scope of time and space into eternity itself!
Dear Cindy,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me recently at the Ladies Day at Riverbend church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia (it was in April).  I really enjoyed the lesson you and Hannah gave on Hospitality.  It was very nice to see you both and visit with you guys!  I always enjoying hearing and studying with the saints!  Both of your lessons inspired me and I have taken things from those lessons and tried to implement them. 

Also at the Ladies Day I bought  “Best of Series: Home and Heart” which I have enjoyed so very much I can’t even begin to tell you and I look forward to hearing them over and over.  I was recently in Chattanooga, or should say I went to Chattanooga on purpose so that I could buy “Best of Series: Women in the Church” and my kids some new Apologetic Press books and of course Digger Doug (These are from  Love the Women in the Church series as well and I want to become more useful and this has been a great learning tool for me.  I hope to be able to put what I have learned from these lessons to work!  I am so eager and wanting to do that!…
Have a great day!
Kellee Southlin

Classes for Women

Classes for Teens


Classes for Children
Classes for Men

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Apologetics Press Advanced Readers:

I gave my nephew Enoch one of the new Advanced readers from Apologetics Press the other day when we met his family at a restaurant. He devoured its information right there at the lunch table (not sure about his chicken fingers, though). What did this book have in it that was exciting to this nine year old who is football savvy, loves race cars, the Titanic and Pink Panther cartoons? Well it had creation evidences. Now if you ask Enoch if he’s interested in evidences, he would probably give you a quizzical “no, “ but he was interested in, ingested, and will remember this information that has become a small block in his foundation of faith. That’s really important. We want our kids to devour stuff like that!

You can get them at There are easy ones for pre-readers and beginning readers and now there are the new advanced editions. The newest editions were written by Caleb Colley. and are entitled “Amazing Migrating Birds” and “The Amazing Human Body.” Last weekend I carried stacks of those two with me to a ladies day and one grandmother just bought them up for stocking stuffers for all of her grandchildren. Now there is an eternity savvy grandmother! That’s what I want to be one day.

Again, you can go to to order. I am not an employee of AP, nor do I receive compensation for this “ad” or any orders placed with them. But I would not have wanted to raise my kids without their resources. I know their faith is stronger because of exposure to AP’s materials. I want that for all kids in the family of God!

Digger Doug

Digger Doug Rocks!

…And while we are speaking of Apologetics Press, let me tell you the holiday project from AP about which I am most excited. It’s a brand new, just-being-released CD called Digger Doug’s Underground Rocks. It’s not your usual kids worship songs. In fact it’s not worship songs at all. It’s a rocking CD about science and it gives your kids the basics for refuting the theory of Organic evolution in pumped-up, imaginative “School House Rock” style tunes. It’s about the fossil record, the second law of thermodynamics, the design/designer principle, and just tons of stuff your kids will learn without the pain of learning. This is the CD that Digger Doug and Iguana Don fans are going to devour. I’m not sure of the exact date of release, but you can find out at the AP website listed in the previous post. You can also get it at Colley Books.

And when you get it, if you listen carefully, you can hear Yours Truly in the back up section of at least one song (and that was great fun)!  I wish I had been able to play this CD in the car when my kids were growing up. I’m getting a copy for my SUV anyway. Be impressed when I’m able to talk intelligently about geology (in rhymes) in a future post.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Don’t Raise Kids Without It

I’ve sat across from a few too many moms who’ve told me with tears streaming down their faces that their fifteen to twenty year old children no longer believe in God. The devil has used his adherents in the worlds of academia, entertainment, and politics to give credence to a theory of origins neither proven nor provable. He has used his tactics of intimidation to try to make those of us who believe in an intelligent designer of the Universe feel as though we are vastly outnumbered, outsmarted and extremely out of touch with reality.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. We as Christian moms are so blessed to have at our fingertips a wealth of information that can show us the research we need to answer the “textbook truths” of evolution to which our children will be exposed. Find the stories of highly intelligent and accomplished scientists who believe(d) in God. Find up-to-date archaeological evidence that the Bible is from God. Discover the detailed and complete historical accuracy of the Bible. Find the answers to questions about the age of the earth and whether dinosaurs co-existed with men. Find out the secrets of science that are NOT being printed in textbooks—secrets that severely damage or destroy the credibility of the theory of Organic Evolution. Find age appropriate materials to help inform and prepare your kids to face the foes of their faith.

My mom did not have this amazing resource. I am so thankful I did. It’s Don’t raise kids without it. It’s free. It’s user friendly and it just might make an eternal difference in the hearts of your children.