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Summer GLORY Sale! ($12.00 for the Book…Limited supply.)

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It’s been a great study, thus far. Maybe you’ve done the study and now you would like to recommend it for a ladies class or for a study group. Maybe you just want to get the book for later personal study. Remember, there’s no wrong time to go through any Digging Deep study.

All the podcasts are saved for your use at any time HERE.

SO, get a copy to save right now or, if your ladies class is resuming after the pandemic, His glory is a great topic choice to get it jump-started again. While supplies last, “Glory” deluxe edition study/notebooks are just $12.00 each. Place your order here: CLICK THIS LINK

ALSO, if you want to buy in bulk, buy 6 or more for just $10 each by clicking here.

Here are a few comments by Diggers around the country.. Sometimes people thank me. That’s kind, but I know it’s not me. It’s His providence, His goodness and, most of all, His Word, that makes Digging Deep rewarding!

I am loving how you are leading us through the book of John in our DD study this month. My eyes are being opened to so much that I have been taking for granted in the humanity of Christ.Thank you so very much! pastedGraphic.png


I’ve finished! Thank you for this study of Glory. It was incredible. Cannot wait to start the next one! 


We had a big room full of ladies interested tonight! I invited a lady who has been visiting but isn’t a Christian to do it too & she said yes!


Such great studies! At first I thought this takes a lot of time and really focusing and concentrating on the Word of God. And it does take time and focus and study. But what better way is there to learn than spending time studying His Word and drawing nearer to Him and striving to be like Him?
Thanks for motivating us to do just that! ❤️



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