Such a Wonderful Day…

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Six girls in my home congregation decided to host a purity day…a day specially designed to give teen girls tools to maintain mental and physical purity throughout the tough teen years. So they just got busy, enlisted lots of help, and on Saturday, their plans came to fruition. Four hundred girls and mentors from six states and one foreign country (Jamaica) assembled here in Huntsville for a great time of worship, teaching, and fun. Here’s what some are saying about the day:

Such a wonderful day :). One of my daughters was reluctant to go to Purity Day. However she knew that she would not have a choice once I decided that we were going. I am happy to say that she (and her equally as reluctant friend) enjoyed it and learned from it after all. She has been a good daughter, much more than I deserve. I wanted this day to be something that she remembers. Thank you for making it memorable for her.
Kristie, AL

The girls will benefit from this girls’ day for many years.The illustrations, the singing, the props (especially the wagon-wheel), the true accounts of those who were doomed to carry extra loads through the rest of their lives for making decisions according to the misconception that our goal on earth is to be entertained. There’s too much to mention …
Nina, AL

It was a wonderful day today at Purity Day…very uplifting and encouraging. It was such a blessing to us…
Angel, TN

I just wanted to let you know that one of our young ladies who attended Purity Day yesterday was restored tonight. Thank you for presenting God’s word in such a loving yet straightforward way.
Telah, AL

Definitely lessons that I will never forget. (:
Marnie, AL

We know there were lots of teens and moms who would’ve loved to have been there, but, for many reasons, were unable to make the trip. Many have asked how they could obtain the materials presented. We are happy to offer you the audio (see below) and a fuller study of the materials presented is also available in the PURE ON PURPOSE DVD series, complete with study guide on www.colleybooks.org.
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