Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

State of the Dig

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I truly believe more people are getting the free download and buying the study guides than have begun the study in any year. Remember:

  1. It is the prime inviting time right now. It’s an evangelism tool that’s been proven to work. It’s an edification tool that has worked thousands of times over. This is NOT because of anything any person has done. It’s because it is the Lord’s Word. 
  2. The study doesn’t have to cost a cent. You can download free, if you prefer, at
  3. There’s a how-to video pinned near the top of the “Digging Deep in God’s Word”  FB page that will help if you are new to the dig.
  4. There’s a sister FB page called “Digging Deep for Encouragement” that’s the place to post your prayer requests. 
  5. If you’re digging and you are free on Mondays (or you can watch later) Julie Orr does a live study from her dining room table from the FB page “Mama’s Monday Moments.” It is very helpful. 
  6. The place for help when you hit a bump in the road in your study is the “Digging Deep in God’s Word” FB page.  You can also often find ladies from your area who might want to meet up and study. Just ask!
  7. There’s a monthly video podcast live from Facebook and Livestream. Watch the Digging Deep FB page for reminders and links when the time approaches. The first one will be broadcast on September 26th at 7 CST. 
  8. There are also four shorter audio podcasts each month. These are posted  on the Digging Deep FB page, as well.  
  9. Try to be patient about receiving your books. We brought a hundred more to PTP than last year and still ran out. We are so sorry. Today will be a full day of shipping as will pretty much all days this week. We are so thankful for patient sisters. 
  10. The DD mugs are going to be a royal blue from now on with the same double D logo that we’ve had previously. The logo is in maroon. I will put the picture on the site as soon as I get the prototype (probably tomorrow.).
  11. No question is dumb or rhetorical in DD. Put them there on the FB page. Someone else is wondering the same thing!
  12. This new study of David and Jesus is rich and full of truth about which we need to be reminded. If you enjoy  it half as much h as I enjoyed putting it together, your daily Bible time is going to call to you!

I’m praying so hard for this dig. One soul in heaven makes it worth every penny, hour, and challenge—-and so much more! One soul! 

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