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SPARK!…But you have to make a reservation!

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I’m excited (and busy) about Digging Deep SPARK at West Huntsville. The new DD study went to print yesterday! It’s themes are rolling around in my head even as I finish up the covetousness theme for this months current study. (Podcast is next Tuesday.) I can’t wait to welcome new ladies to our study that will begin on September 1st. I am anticipating with joy having a large group of Diggers in one room again after celebrating our tenth year together from a distance. I hope you can be there. BUT, you have to make your reservation:

There’s something for everyone: Sessions for dads and sons in the mornings about how to develop church leadership skills, sessions for kids 2-10 in the afternoons, sessions for ladies all through the day, and combined sessions for everyone at night. There’s even a make-and-take craft session for moms and daughters (or any women) one day. Topics are varied; textual and practical. BUT, you have to register:

The fellowship is one of the best parts. We’re so ready to be together and sing and pray. (One session is devoted solely to raising our petitions and praise.) We’re ready to go to Zaxby’s for lunch again or gather in a hotel room for a devotional and a board game. We’re ready to see new things together like the Space and Rocket Center or Bridge Street.  It’s just time to step away from the bad news we’re encountering each day in our newsfeeds: the division, rebellion and evil. We’re so ready. BUT you have to make your reservation:

I’m thinking there are a few parallels here. We have a place around the throne where ALL things are made new, where there’s never-ending fellowship and praise, and where we will permanently step away from the sin that daily wounds our spirits. Maybe this SPARK is just a little foyer of that immeasurably more wonderful place! BUT we have to make our reservations for that place, too:  (Choose the one entitled “Heaven.”)

Have you made your reservation? 

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