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Sister to Sister: Somebody who Loves You Went to a Great Purity Day this Weekend (and all you can get is this beautiful t-shirt!)…

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10584047_10152574935266894_8651465647007173461_nThe West Huntsville Purity Day this weekend was a roaring success. Thanks to Alissa Clarke and the GIFTS team for great planning and execution, the amazing WH women’s team for 2 super meal, the hoards of travelers who attended, the hostesses who housed them, and the well-prepared speaker, Hannah Giselbach. I am sure…really sure…that the day made an eternal difference. But it is important to note that it also made a difference in the happiness of future marriages that will transpire on time’s side of eternity. This event will occur again in the fall of 2018. That means if you have daughter who is now between the ages of 7 and 16, you need to be thinking ahead to that time. Next weekend, Hannah and I will be talking to moms and daughters at the Estes church in Henderson, Tennessee. Perhaps some of you may be able to be there. I’m sure the day is open to women of all ages. Hope to see you in beautiful West Tennessee. It will be Hannah’s last Saturday to speak before Baby G’s arrival (…did I mention that I am a grandmother?!), however she will also be speaking at Polishing the Pulpit in late August. Then I think she should take a recess, don’t you?


I’m going to try and share some of the most current parental snippets from the day in future Bless Your Heart posts. You will want to hear some of the apps of which moms need to be aware to protect our kids online as well as some reminders of our “due diligence” in preparing our children for the general tactics the devil has always used to pull our kids from sexual purity. Saturdays lessons made the moms at WH even more aware of the dangers of that lion and the matriarchal duty we have of building fences around the souls of our children.


And if you want a t-shirt, I have to say, these are among the prettiest I have ever seen! Go to!/~/product/category=7007069&id=39322979 to order adult sizes. We will send them promptly. If you want youth size XS, S, M, or L, you need to email me at and I will let you know within 14 days if we get enough orders to provide those. If we do, I will send those out with a bill. The price will likely be $10.00 for the youth sizes, too, if we do have a demand for those. They are super cute shirts and are made of durable, but soft fabric, just like the hearts of the sweet girls who designed them!


Hope to see you at Estes next Saturday. Read about the Estes day, “Lessons in Purity”  on my facebook page this week. You can facebook Carrie Dupree Sells from my friends list if you have questions. Let me know if you need an “invite” to the event page. Blessings!


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