Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

SO Happy…Digging Deep Spark Schedule AND Registration now Posted!

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It’s all there now. Go take a look and marvel at the great feast and then register to be “at the table.” We hope we do not have to limit the crowd, but then again, we hope we do. We want to fill up our building, but mostly, we’re praying to fill our hearts and cups and shovels and all those other metaphors with the Word. When we do this, we will fill our homes and churches with the good kind of growth. We will be better able to populate heaven. And, for now, we will get a little taste of it (heaven) in Huntsville, Alabama. Go register here:  It’s worth taking off work. It’s worth driving a great distance. It’s worth taking kids out of school. It’s worth flying or car-pooling or pray-cationing with your vacation fund. It’s an investment that keeps maturing through this life and beyond. Just. SO. Excited!

Diggers register early, so we will be sure we all get in! The recap, awards, and reveal will all happen here! All the new materials for the 2021-22 study will be available here, too. Live-streaming of awards and reveal and recap will be coming from Huntsville.  You know you want to come! 

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