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Six Winners Instead of Three!

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Just like we do not know how many wise men there were serving the baby Jesus, you never know how many really wise women there may be when it comes to serving Jesus, the Savior. (Serving others is serving Him [Matthew 25].) So, narrowing down your service ideas to a mere three was nigh to impossible. I’m taking some of your ideas to present in ladies days about service this year. I’ll credit the diggers, but I cannot wait! Mostly, I cannot wait to try some of them myself. You are the best!

So, six winners instead of three this Christmas. The six ladies below need to message me their postal addresses. I’ll send your tea towels and bracelets. Let me know that they arrive safely. (It’s mayhem season at the post office!)

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting the winning ideas here. Drum roll…the winners are:

Aurelia Wright–California

Nancy Pennington–Ohio

Debbie Deavours–Alabama

Sandra Woolsey–Tennessee

Kerri Epling–Tennessee

Molly Cobb–Missouri

Every reader needs to look at the ideas I’m going to run in the next few days. (You ladies are intuitive about effective service!) I know there’s at least one of these ideas that each of you can incorporate into your own service regime or into the work of your local church. Here’s the first winning entry from Nancy Pennington (trying to get the “Christmasy” ideas in first):

“We have a single mom of 3 in our congregation with no family in the area. My husband and I are taking the three children out to lunch and Christmas shop for their mom. We are giving each child (8,7,6) a set amount of money to buy a gift for mom. The mall is an hour from our home. This has been fun thinking of what to do.
Nancy Pennington




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