Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: What We Want Them to Know

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The questionnaireBelow is an often requested list. Perhaps it has been posted before, but some are having trouble finding it (including me), so here it is again. These are the things we wanted our kids to know before leaving home for college. Thus, we tried to make sure we were including all of them regularly in conversation and in our family Bible times. I hope they are helpful to you. Perhaps you have your own list. Ours is certainly not THE list. It is just one template. When you include one of the items from your list in your Bible time, put a check mark beside it, to help keep track. Teachers in public schools have standards-of-learning lists and superiors check to make sure each subject or skill is covered a certain number of times each semester. Should we be less systematic in covering the spiritual essentials?

What-I-Want-Them-to-Know List:

  1. God Created the universe in 6 literal 24-hour days.
  2. The Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God.
  3. The story of the entire Bible
  4. The names of the books of the Bible in order.
  5. God the father, God the Son and God, the Holy Spirit compose the Godhead. They are all deity, but their roles in securing our salvation are all different.
  6. Both heaven and hell are real literal places of eternal bliss and eternal torment, respectively.
  7. The main theme of every chapter in the book of Acts.
  8. Christ has one church and all saved people have been added to that church.
  9. Denominationalism is not a biblical concept.
  10. All spiritual blessings are in Christ and baptism is what puts people into Christ.
  11. Baptism is immersion and it is for the remission of sins.
  12. How to teach someone the gospel of Christ.
  13. Biblical authority derived from Biblical commands, examples or necessary inferences is needed for the organization and worship practices of the church.
  14. Church discipline is commanded, including withdrawal of fellowship for persistence in a lifestyle of sin.
  15. Sex is one of God’s good and perfect gifts when and only when reserved for a God approved marriage.
  16. If you marry, you must marry a Christian who is, by definition, a follower of Christ.
  17. There are early decisions that are most useful in avoiding sexual temptation and they will be accessible in our home.
  18. Fornication is the only Biblically acceptable reason for divorce and remarriage.
  19. Homosexuality is not merely an alternate lifestyle. It is a sin.
  20. All beverage alcohol should be avoided.
  21. The viewing of pornography is an addictive sin that must be avoided at all costs.
  22. Entertainment is optional and will be eliminated if it interferes with seeking the kingdom first.
  23. The way that we minister to Christ is by ministering to those around us who have needs. We will serve Christ.
  24. Work is honorable and a prerequisite to the privilege of eating.
  25. The revelation of God’s Will for humankind has been completed. There will be no further revelation.
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