Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: What the Blog is All About (even the Duck Dynasty post!)

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imagesThe inboxes were all full yesterday. I’m thankful to have sisters who are extremely encouraging. I know that we need each other and it’s my purpose to use the “Bless Your Heart” blog to fulfill the command in Titus 2. While it’s no fun to come right out and say I’m an older woman, it’s still more fun than the KJV rendering: “aged woman”. I consider it one of the great blessings of living in this time that there’s a large number of younger women in the family of Christ who are in the Word, want to do the right things for their families and are, unlike so many of my generation, passionate about the kingdom and about heaven. In short, they are more than Sunday-morning-Wednesday-night Christians. I’m also thankful it is a time when communication is so easy. Why, when I first started writing, I was pecking away on a typewriter (getting out the liquid paper to erase mistakes), running copies on a tired copier and hand-collating and stapling to get a lesson to one small class of girls! Now I can digitally cover a multitude of keyboard mistakes and click a button and the words can go into the hands of hundreds! I’m still amazed. (And a little frightened at the possibilities!)

Yet with every new technology comes challenges. One of the challenges of zoom communication is controlling the scope of what I am doing. From the beginning, the blog has been a Titus 2 tool. I believe it’s right for us to use the blog, the Digging Deep Facebook study, the Digging Deep encouragement group and the Digging Deep podcast for our mutual encouragement as sisters. I’m convinced we need such encouragement to wage war against feminism, attacks on our homes, and the challenges that are uniquely ours as we work to submit, yet accomplish our tasks, as women, in the body. So I’m hoping the Lord will keep giving us these avenues to help each other. I know there have been many times in the past few years when I have been extremely blessed to be able to get fast wisdom from a mature sister using technology that I cannot even start to understand.

But I want to make it clear that I’m working under the Titus 2 purview. My husband is my head. I talk frequently with him about the things I am writing. He is good to encourage my writing and he is also my best critic. I am quite sure that I would not be so bold as to insert my ideas about a myriad of subjects without leaning heavily on His wisdom and guidance. I love that man!

I want to make it clear, too, that I do not aspire to be a brotherhood teacher. To do so would be sinful. I just want to be a Titus 2 woman who teaches good things to younger women, because that’s the requirement. I want to be reverent in my behavior. I want to refrain from slander, not be enslaved to wine, and I want to be a teacher of good things (Titus 2: 3) That’s all I want to be in ladies lectures at Polishing the Pulpit, in ladies seminars, in area lectureships, and in all venues of writing that may offer me any window of influence.

So the Duck Dynasty post on “Bless Your Heart,” just like all the others, was designed to help women make good entertainment choices and to recognize the major responsibility we have in our representation of the body to the world. It was especially designed to help moms hold higher “hero standards” for our children. I pray that every post will be read and understood as being from the spirit of Titus 2. And, believe me, it was carefully scrutinized by two wonderful men in my life before it was posted. My husband is always in charge and, this time, my son was very helpful, too.

We need the help of each other to live holy lives so that the precious Word will not be blasphemed. That’s why from now on the “Bless Your Heart” blog will begin with the words “Sister to Sister”. And I am always thankful for your prayers.

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