Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: The “Sweet Hour of Prayer” List

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maxresdefault-2I’ve just returned from my room after completing a sweet hour of fervent prayer with my sisters. At this, the conclusion of a great year of Bible study about the subject of prayer, we listened to the hearts of sisters…to their needs and petitions…and we took these pleas to the throne, where we are promised an audience by the King of Kings, also known as our Father.

In seasons of distress and grief …My soul has often found relief;

And oft escaped the tempter’s snare, by thy return, sweet hour of prayer.

Here, as promised is the prayer list from this prayer session at Polishing the Pulpit (  My deepest apologies go to the family of Brother Hillary Broome. Somehow their request got tucked beneath the stack and I missed it as we prayed tonight. So I am fervently praying for Brother Broome’s health. Will you pray for him, too?  Brother Broome asked doctors to postpone his third heart catheterization of this year so he could attend PTP. He will be having this procedure next Wednesday, so let’s pray, along with Deborah and Amy, his wife and daughter, that it will go well and dispel any danger. Here’s the rest of the prayer list:

The Hanna Family—big decisions.

Ann Musgrave—son, Paul—Pray for his soul.

Anonymous—caring for in-laws, tension on job, undiagnosed illness, handle all of this to please God

Mercy Oppong—further education, lead holy life, stop specific sins that tempt her

Anonymous—husband is not a good leader. Please pray.

Highlandville church—spiritual growth, those who are studying, new sister Linda, Jim Gideon’s health issues, Becky Stutesman’s health and spiritual needs, Caleb and Rebekah’s marriage, the men who are leading, for an eldership.

Wendy Adams—her sister, Cheryl Adams Ball—separated from spiritual and physical family.

Rebecca Richardson—fostering and adoption.

Pisa Soli—father, Lu Soli’s critical health issues, Samoan church, Pisa and siblings who have moved to AL.

Patricia Goodale—Evangeline Joy, 3 years old passed away. that family may draw closer to God.

A mother—children, Zeth Savage, Vanessa Savage, Larry Lyons—have left the faith.

Kim Young—son, Justin, spiritual struggles; daughter, Jamie & husband at MSOP; daughter, Jessica’s marriage and work.

Shirley Eaton—her sister Genie, surgery for colon cancer and life change.

Cindy Colley—studies with Magdalena, Ruby and family—as they are coming to know the Lord; Lee Holder, her aged father.

Anonymous foster parents—a new sibling is being born of wicked parents.

Sandy Garby—Brother-in-law had a wreck and is in hospital.—mother is moving in with them. Pray that she will attend with them. Also pray for the judge’s decision about custody of their grandson, who has Asperger’s.

Carrie Smith—pray for her grandson Walter who was in an accident and is critical and for Walter’s mother, Susan.

Anonymous—pray for her good influence over her non-Christian husband and for her good parenting.

A mother—for Cinda, Jacqueline, Nathan and Harvard Hoege that they may be led to be strong members of the Lord’s church.

A sister—pray for her sister who married an immigrant who has been separated from her for extensive periods of time. Their marriage is in trouble.

Unsaved family members in Missouri.

Carolyn Frazier, Connie, and Nita Cochran—fighting breast cancer.

Donna—facial pain

A mother—that my daughter may soften her heart and return to the Lord.

A mother—for daughter, Breanna, who is going through the motions without faith.

A mother—for son to find a good Christian wife.

Anonymous—that our brother in Christ whose wife has filed for divorce will find strength and comfort. For his wife to repent.

Emily Turner—high risk pregnancy, diabetes and congenital heart failure—due in February.

Sharon Pfeffer—son Jonah—autism, son Gideon-Down’s Syndrome, husband has had two surgeries since March. Pray for strength and faith and glory to God through them all.

Robert and Kim Williams—Robert has Stage 3, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma—2 small children.

Carlie and Matt Lyndoe—heart surgery upcoming. small children.

Mintie Welchance—son John has left the faith.

Shirley Eaton–her sister Genie who just had colon cancer surgery.

Anonymous—prayer for anxiety issue and stronger marriage.

Donna Prince—for 3 grandchildren to become Christians… and for husband of oldest granddaughter.

A daughter—for father, Adrian Shelton to have a heart without callous and come to God.

A sister—for a lady in the church who has great burdens—that she might be less rude and that sisters might see her great needs and have compassion and be kind to her. That her family members who are suffering for sin might see needs and repent. For her grandson whom she is raising.

Laura and Michael Luisi—that they might take the gospel to family members and that the family members might respond positively.

Anonymous—pray for Sean and Britney Topley—problems, and Jeffrey Greene, Jr.—away from God.

Anonymous—our Spanish minister’s wife has many health problems and keeps on encouraging others. her name is Petra Luna.

Emily Gillis—my son, David, to return to God.

Lea Black—daughter, Carly, needs prayers for health issues.

Anonymous—Heather, 16, needs prayers


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