Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Popcorn and Parenting

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I was just making popcorn and I had a fun memory. When I was little and you used to make popcorn for our family movie nights, I always thought it was outrageously extraordinary how you would toss all the popcorn right out of the bowl and back in the bowl again without any of it dropping out while you were salting and buttering. I’m not sure I ever told you how I thought you had supernatural powers because you were able to do that, so I’m telling you now. 🙂

Love, Boo

My husband received this sweet little note from our 27-year-old daughter last Friday night. As he wistfully shared its contents with me, I had a half-dozen random thoughts:

  1. All parents who want to be magical, are magical.
  2. The best things in a child’s life are free (or at least around the cost of a bag of microwaveable popcorn).
  3. Quality time only happens when there’s quantity time. (You don’t schedule magic shows like this one.)
  4. You may not be informed of the fact that certain events have gone down in your child’s mind as legendary for many years (if ever).
  5. Family movie night (or game night or sundae night or firefly catching night) has all sorts of fringe benefits.
  6. Getting all the popcorn salted and back in the right place, even when there are shake-ups, is an acquired skill.  Making sure kids get back in the right place and that their salt never loses its savor (Luke 14:34), even when there are shake-ups, is a life-long effort and an acquired answer to prayer.

Very thankful today for the dad who could get all the popcorn back in the bowl.

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