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Sister to Sister: Mug Shot Winners!

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Tough choices! So many wonderful Christmas pictures. As you will see, the winners were chosen for varying reasons and the choices are not indicative, necessarily of photography skills or use of props. It’s all so subjective, so any one of the photos we received could have been winners. We chose based on random things like sentimentality, family effort, or overall effect. Here they are: the mug shot winners and the tags–your descriptions of the entries. If you didn’t send along your address, be sure you send it to me at

This photo is part of our Christmas card for this year. We are wishing everyone a “glamorous” holiday season! This picture demonstrates our fun and goofy nature as a family. We planned this for a year and enjoy making ourselves and others laugh.(Submitted by Kristina Odom)DSC_0256
I wanted to share the joy of traditions. Making goodies with my daughter Olivia is something we do every year:) (submitted by Erica Grieves)IMG_0684
They are ALL my favorites, because each one is so loved and so special in their own way,  adding different gifts to our family.  But this girl…she is ALWAYS smiling. Just two months after her arrival,  her “Poppy” had a massive heart attack, and she brought smiles and hopes to our hearts in that troubling time. (submitted by Lois Stone)
I am so thankful to have a large family.  Gathering every Christmas Eve at my parents is so special.  This picture (2013) is the last one of my parents with with ALL their grandkids and one great grand kid.  This year will be difficult as one of the grandkids passed away very unexpectedly.  This will always be a picture I treasure. (submitted by Jenny Clark)image1
I have a photography studio and usually I pose my boys for my ads with various cute sayings, props, etc.  This one however, was NOT posed.  My youngest son was really pouting over the ornament his brother had (the green one), which he wanted – it’s his favorite color, plus it looked the most like a knife (the child is obsessed with knives and guns).  I almost threw the shot out as I don’t like pouting or want to encourage this pouting behavior, but it was too cute to pass up for my holiday ad!  Most people think we posed it this way, but no, I really caught this one live! (submitted by Rhonda Anderson)340349_2587026148140_2042761556_o
On another photo note, We’ll be taking lots this weekend! It’s finally time for Caleb and Rebekah to become Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Colley. We will be praying on Friday night at 7, as well as always, for their marriage and lives to bring glory to Him. It would be a personal blessing and favor to me if you would join in praying for these precious two who become one on Friday night. Pray for their families that we’ll be strength and a funnel for His blessings to them. Pray for the future children we pray will be granted. Pray for their legacy–that their faith may be passed on generationally until that great trumpet blows, without the loss of a single soul. Life is so brief. Pray that we will really live in the moments of this weekend that are so life (and eternity) changing. He is great beyond our imaginations.
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