Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Like Mother, Like Daughter Part Ten

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imagesJezebel and Athaliah

Mother/Daughter Bible Study—Part Ten

Between the Two of You:

Adult/Adult Study (If you are an altogether adult mother-daughter team)

Discuss or email back and forth your thoughts on the following:


  1. Read about the ostrich in Job 39:13-17. Why does she leave her eggs for other creatures to destroy? How are some human mothers today void of wisdom?
  2. Research those officials who are running for elected offices in your area(s) this election season. Determine which ones are pro-life. Choose one pro-life candidate or elected official. Write him/her a letter and express your support for his/her pro-life stance.


Adult/Teen Study (If you are a mom and teen daughter team)


1.  Watch the following video together and discuss:


Adult/Child Study (if you are a mom and child team)


(Be sure you tell your daughter, in age-appropriate terms, the material from the last post about Athaliah.)


  1. Discuss with your daughter the difference in killing an animal, like a fish for supper, and taking the life of a human. Talk about the eternal nature of the soul that God placed within man. Read Genesis 1:26, 27 and notice how man was different from the animals.
  2. Read Exodus 1:15-22 and talk about the cruel king who wanted to kill the Hebrew babies. Talk about how that babies are the most innocent of all people. Elicit a commitment from your daughter that she will do all she can to protect all babies who may be in danger throughout her lifetime.
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