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Sister to Sister: Like Mother, Like Daughter Part Six

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family-youngJezebel and Athaliah
Mother/Daughter Bible Study—Part Six

Between the Two of You:

Adult/Adult Study (If you are an altogether adult mother-daughter team)

Discuss or email back and forth your thoughts on the following:

Read the following passages and make a list of the verbs or verb phrases commanded of wives from these verses.
Genesis 2:18-25
Proverbs 31:10-31
Ephesians 5: 22-33
I Peter 3:1-6
Titus 2:3-5
Colossians 3:18

Now read about some attempts at purely secular atheistic marriage here: Make a list of things you enjoy or hope to enjoy in your marriage that will be missing in the marriages described here.Then make a list of ways you believe these secular ideas have affected today’s marriages within the church. Thirdly make a list of things we do in our godly marriages that identify our unions as being “not of this world”(Romans 12:1,2).

Adult/Teen Study (If you are a mom and teen daughter team)

Read the passages listed in the adult/adult study above together. Make the same list of verbs or verb phrases together as instructed above.

Then observe a list of “dos and don’ts”for “reverencing”or “respecting husbands:


  1. Speak respectfully to and about your husband.
  2. Honor his decisions in all things.
  3. Stay in the family budget.
  4. Stay on the same “child-discipline page”as your husband.


  1. Nag.
  2. Manipulate.
  3. Lie.
  4. Pout.
  5. Correct and interrupt.

As you look together at this list, define each item and give a practical example of what a violation or an observance looks like. You can give examples from real life in your home where possible.

Adult/Child Study (if you are a mom and child team)

(Be sure you tell your daughter, in age-appropriate terms, the material from the last post about Athaliah.)

  1. Read Ephesians 5:22 and 5:33 together. Explain to your daughter what the word “submit” means. Explain that sometimes moms and dads have different ideas about how to solve a problem or how to spend money or what to have for dinner. Tell her that sometimes you talk about your different ideas and come to an agreement together. If possible, let mom and dad both role-play this scenario. (Come on! Pretend! This is soooo fun and good for your girls.)
  2. Then explain that sometimes the mom and dad talk about it, but they still have different ideas. This is when Dad is the “decider”…always. Now role play this. Be sure you speak respectfully to your husband at all points of this role-playing and in the end you say, “You know what Honey?…I still think we should do __________________, but you are my husband and I am always going to submit to your wishes and so, I am happy to do ________________________.”
  3. Tell your daughter that, sometimes, doing what God wants us to do doesn’t feel so good for the moment. (Remember the lesson about people making fun of us?). Sometimes it’s that way with husbands too. Sometimes, doing what dad wants me to do is just not the way I wanted to do it. But I trust God and I KNOW that, if I do marriage his way, it will be best in the end.
  4. Now ask your daughter if she knows the ONLY time you would ever disobey your husband. (If he should ask you to disobey God.) Explain to her that is why it is so important that she find a Christian to marry. Talk about what a “Christian” is and how that a Christian will want his wife to go to heaven. He will want this so much that he would never ask her to do wrong things.
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