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Sister to Sister: Like Mother, Like Daughter Part Nine

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baby-in-a-wombJezebel and Athaliah
Mother/Daughter Bible Study—Part Nine

Mother and Daughter and the Value of Life
A very low premium on the value of human life is just a natural outgrowth of idolatry. If the humans make the gods rather than the other way around, then there is no recognition of the God within man. Man is merely an animal that happened to evolve to a higher level than other animals. So what is the difference in butchering a cow and executing a man? Convenience rather than sanctity becomes the deciding factor in the preservation of life. If the life over which I have control gets in the way of my lifestyle or ambitions, then I can kill it. 1.4 million. That’s how many lives we deem inconvenient in America each year. They, like the prophets Jezebel murdered, like Naboth, like the grandchildren of Athaliah have experienced the misfortune of getting in the way. They, like these innocent children, just happened to have been brought into existence at the wrong time; to have experienced life in the wrong womb.

You know the rest of the story. You remember how Jehosheba, the daughter of Jehoram took the tiny baby Joash, Athaliah’s own grandson, and hid him in the house of God for six years (II Chronicles 22:10-12). One courageous woman saved one tiny baby during Athaliah’s massacre. That tiny baby was the salvation of the royal seed line, the defeat of the devil, and the passageway of redemption.

We must be the Jehosheba’s of our generation. We must arise from our couches of complacency and speak out against the atrocities of abortion. We must do our all to rescue the Joashes of our land. We must write editorials for our newspapers, proclaim in our ladies forums, speak in every available community platform, pray diligently, and vote responsibly until the innocent babies are safe in the wombs of America. God’s Word, science and technology have given us far too much information for us to remain neutral or silent about life in the womb. What are you teaching about the value of human life?

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