Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Kick-Off Time Is Now!

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West Huntsville Church - Keep Calm and Dig Deep PROOF2It’s a red-letter day for Digging Deep. We officially begin our fourth year of studying together today as we kick off our brand new 2014-2015 study of prayer, “Unto Thee, O Lord”.  You can find the study here: Unto Thee, O Lord.  The first podcast will be on September 30th at 7 pm CST at Many of you have told me that you are glad for the topic this year; that it has come at a needed time or that it is something for which you have been wishing. I  am among those who really need this study. I want to no longer need to set alarms and MAKE myself pray.  I want my DESIRE—my LONGING for prayer to increase. I want to pray more frequently, even if some of my times with my Father are shorter and more intense. I want to truly pray without ceasing. I know I can do this. This group holds me very accountable and that’s a good thing. I have been richly blessed by that accountability. I will be in prayer that many and sincere souls will be making this trek with me this year. I believe this dig will bring us at last to a mountaintop next August. I believe we will be better able to look at the big picture of His Providence and better able to look over and see the promised land where many of our loved ones are already waiting. I just believe we will have a greater faith and that we will live more confidently as praying Christian women. I really want that for all of us. Let’s do this!

Some of you have asked about the T-shirts that were given to those women who completed last year’s study AND were present at the live podcast in Sevierville. They are available at!/~/product/category=7007069&id=39322979. They are $10.00 and I will be placing the order one week from today as I shoot for a quick turn-around time of 2-3 weeks for those who order.  Several of you have already ordered, but if you want one, please order by noon on Monday, September 8th.

Here’s a photo of our live podcast and those women present who had done every last bit of the 2013-2014 study prior to the podcast. I am so blessed by them and all of you who completed the “Knowing God”study. It was a tremendous dig for me with many unexpected treasures emerging. I love the Word!


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