Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: I Don’t Have to Be a Racist to Say This…

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Unknown-5So much has been said. Buildings are now burning and lives are at risk. Many times when I contemplate complex and newsworthy situations in our country, I do oversimplify… because I am simple-minded. I know.

But in my oversimplification, may I just say that Ferguson, Missouri is a tragic example of the destination of untethered people. When there is no recognition of the order of law and the standard of justice, chaos and destruction ensue (Romans 1). What is darker than a people untethered by spiritual and moral moorings (thus void of recognition of and adherence to standards of behavior)? 1) An untethered people quickly multiplying and raising their children with no regard for law, and 2) The people around them, who do respect the law and standards of justice, raising their children with a “tolerance of all lifestyles and viewpoints” mentality. That recipe in any country is a quick route to a fallen society. May I say that we are running—literally—running, to that end.

When the leadership in our communities and nation feels the need to pacify, in terminology and in directives to forces of law and order ( i.e. when the proverbial hat is tipped to criminals, the very people who are destroying property and threatening lives), the rush to a self-imploded society exacerbates. Perhaps the fires will die and the businesses will re-open for a time. But, let’s not be lulled into thinking this problem has gone away. When people, any people of any color,  are allowed to burn buildings and police cars without apparent repercussions, there is a problem that doesn’t go away with smoldering fires.

And then there’s the elephant in the room…this question. What exactly do the looters and burners want? Do they want the absence of the police force in their communities? Do they really want the Michael Browns of the community to be in charge? Do they really want “survival of the fittest” to be the law? What is it that they want?

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