Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister To Sister: He Already Knows

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He Already Knows
by Cindy Colley

He knows what you are needing. He understands the loss.
He knows the sadness in your heart…the weight of every cross.
He heard her making fun of you. He saw your tearful eye.
He felt your pangs of loneliness, He even heard the sigh.
He saw the furrow in your brow when you approached the task.
He knew that you were needing strength, but why did you not ask?

There’s nought for which you hunger, of which He’s unaware.
He knows when money’s in the bank and when your cupboard’s bare.
He knows the very moment when you learned you’d lost a friend
He even knew, before you knew, the sorrow of your sin.
He cannot be informed of any earthly trial or woe
But still the Father bids you come before the throne…so GO!

God knows your passwords and your PINs. He’s counted the hairs on your head.
The God who sees the sparrow fall, sees you in times of dread.
He knows why you are silent, the reason for your weeping.
Every story never told, each secret that you’re keeping.
But God wants you to lift to Him each hidden dream and care.
The holy Father bids you make your own sweet hour of prayer.

It’s His kingdom, His power and glory. He’s got everything you’re needing.
For you, His child, He goes before, insuring you’re succeeding.
He bids you blend your will with His, so all can turn out right.
He got your back at Calvary; He won your toughest fight.
He doesn’t need a word from you to know what’s in your way.
Your Father wants to hear His children ask. Take time to pray!

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