Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Eclipse!

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This year it’s during the week that about 4800 Christians assemble in Sevierville, Tennessee (at Polishing the Pulpit— to magnify Him, that our God puts His glory on display in a very large way when the moon blocks the sun from our view, turning our day to night. It’s called an eclipse of the sun. We will be praising and serving and being close as His family and He will bind us together even more as we witness together this amazing phenomenon that can only be a production of the supremely powerful I AM. He still IS. 

The sun has a diameter that’s 400 times that of the moon. It’s 400 times bigger. How can something so large be hidden from our view by something so very small in comparison? The answer, of course, is that the sun is also 400 times farther away. The closer object, the moon, blocks the distant one. (If you put a dime right in front of each eye, you can’t see a one- hundred-dollar-bill that’s a few feet away.)

The Son is grander, more powerful, more loving, more necessary to our souls than any material thing. But if we let the things of this earth get closer to us than He is, our view becomes obstructed. We lose sight of the Son—the One without Whom there is no light, no direction, no hope of eternal life. Without adjusting this prioritization, we experience a tragic and eternal eclipse of the Son. It is described as “outer darkness” (Matthew 8:12) and the excruciating pain and regret never ends. 

Let’s pray daily that we can keep the Son clearly in view and walk in that great light (I John 1:7) till we reach the land where there is never darkness (Rev. 21:25). In that land of fadeless day, there will never be another eclipse of the Son (Rev. 21:23). Praise Him when you witness His glory on Monday.

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