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Sister to Sister: Don’t Just “Like” this…Let Him Know!

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On February 25, 2013, this blog reported a decision by Freed-Hardeman University president, Dr. Joe Wiley, to provide the FHU Lions’ cheerleaders with uniforms consisting of full-length pants for the 2013-2014 cheering season. While I know that there are those who have complained about this decision to present modestly dressed cheerleaders at FHU’s athletic events, the vast majority of this blog’s readers are extremely supportive of the decision.

While I understand that what a cheer team wears may seem a relatively small thing in the big scheme of a university’s workings, I want to restate that I believe the new uniforms represent a desire on the part of FHU’s leadership, particularly her president, to represent Christian values in every department. I do not believe this desire is insignificant. I believe, since the athletic program is certainly one of the university’s most visible departments, that the move represents a bold statement of distinction and that it honors the Biblical teaching of I Timothy 2: 9,10.

And now, last year’s announcement is reflected on the gym floor. The FHU Lions celebrated homecoming this year on November 8th and 9th on the campus in Henderson, TN. and, as promised, the cheerleaders kicked off the basketball season in uniforms that distinguish them in a very classy way from any other cheer squads at any other Christian universities of which I am aware. I know of some denominational schools that have blazed the trail among their universities, but this is a first in the past 30 years for our brotherhood schools. 1378681_10151639327421396_1375563159_n

Once again, I intend to write a letter of appreciation to Dr. Wiley for his clarity and boldness–for his willingness to make decisions in this and other areas that he understands beforehand will be controversial and even unpopular. I hope you will take the time to do this as well. He can be reached at or at the following address:

President Joe Wiley
Freed-Hardeman University
158 East Main Street
Henderson, TN 38340

And once again, if you are able, it would be a great time to send a donation of any size to FHU. It’s a rare opportunity to support a university decision that honors God, women and righteousness.

Finally, I hope you are planning to listen to the Digging Deep podcast next Tuesday night at Jessica Benavides, a sophomore at FHU, will be joining me. This study is life-changing when approached with a heart of submission. See you there!

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