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Sister to Sister: Book Review

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LYH-Book CoverLoving Your Husband, by Patsy Loden, Publishing Designs

I began this review about three years ago when my friend Patsy Loden honored me with a treasured gift: the very first gift copy of her then new “Loving Your Husband.” So why did it take me so long? Several reasons.

First, I wanted this book to make my great marriage even better, so I plunged in, not just as a reader, but as a note-taker, homework doer. That takes time and reflection. The book is full of practical lessons best extracted from completing the introspective lists and letters that Patsy assigns.

But still…three years? I must admit that I had to prepare several hundred combined blogs, classes, lessons, and books in that time period and I would often have to just lay the book aside for weeks or even months at the time. But that’s another thing I liked about “Loving Your Husband”. I could read and benefit from applying even a short portion of the book and then, upon picking it up again, just dig right in wherever I had taken leave, seamlessly continuing the read and the rewards.

I think I can assure your enjoyment of the book, but, if you’re like me, there are times when you will hate it. If you are shortchanging your marriage, seeking self rather than service, Patsy will make you hurt for time wasted and hurry to time redeemed. Sometimes the prodding will be uncomfortable, but she will give you confidence in your ability to make your husband better and better to you. In fact, if you complete the book’s challenges, you will be well on the way to a more fulfilling relationship before you even turn the last page.

There are also unexpected bonus sections about parenting and widowhood. Knowing the Lodens as I have and finding myself fearful of one day losing Glenn and facing uncertain days alone, I found great comfort in the closing chapter written after Brother Woody’s death. Patsy writes:

My dear Loden had been telling me for a year, “It won’t be long before I take my flight home.” We chose to live each day to the fullest, loving one another and taking our pleasure in being together, experiencing life, and dwelling on the positives. Loden prepared for his death. What a great help to know he left our business and his life in order! He had showed Woody and Mark how to locate important papers. Woody helped me get started with the paperwork of closing his life. I truly dislike having to deal with all those matters, but I’m determined to master them; the Father will give me strength for the day. Because Jesus is with me, I am not afraid, and I joyfully look forward to what He has in store for me.”

I hope, if I am the one left one day, I can face the days ahead with such confidence. Patsy is still facing days with the grace that has characterized her life.

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