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Sister to Sister: A Paw Patrol Cup

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A Paw Patrol cup.  That’s what three-year-old Colleyanna asked Santa to bring her this year. I don’t think she’s ever even watched the show. She has, though, been enamored with those puppies, since she first began seeing them in WalMart and Dollar Tree.  She wanted Paw Patrol panties when she was potty-trained. She has a few little Paw Patrol figures that she carries in her purse. And she always runs to my sippy-cup basket and searches for the one Paw Patrol cup whenever she visits.  But she asked Santa for a Paw Patrol cup when she visited him. And that is ALL she requested that day. 

As we were walking away from Santa that day, we had this little conversation:

Mammy: “What did you ask for, Colleyanna?”

Colleyanna: “A Paw Patrol cup. I wanted a Paw Patrol cup dus wike yours.”

Mammy: “Well, that’s a great idea! You love Paw Patrol!”

Colleyanna: “Yes, but I want a Paw Patrol cup so we can match!”

May I live my life so that blessedness always comes to sweet souls who aspire to “match” me. 

Have a happy holiday time today and try to be “match-worthy” for all the little people in your world!

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  • Victoria H
    December 6, 2019 at 12:19 am

    So sweet! My sweet Caroline is also very into Paw Patrol. I didn’t know where she was exposed to it until she randomly told me she watched it in her class (2 yr olds) at PTP! Maybe that’s where Colleyanna saw it too.

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