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Sister to Sister: Oikouros. Do you do this? (Part One)

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Today, in a morning lecture at SPARK, I talked about the word Oikouros from Titus 2:5. You know, it’s the word for “keeper at home.” The English meaning of the Greek word is “stayer at home, keeper at home, a domestic, a worker at home.” It’s really not a complicated word to understand, but, in a culture of “posh”, a society of instant material gratification, it’s just hard to do. It’s hard for young women, to whom the passage is applicable, to stay at home and raise  their children. 

I know there will be dissenters who read this series. I know I will hear from some of them. But I cannot find it in my conscience to ever stop saying what I believe to be Biblical truth. I cannot, because of those who have regrets or because of those who have strong disagreement, fail to say what I believe is the mandate of the Holy Spirit regarding the role of young mothers in the church today. 

You see, Oikouros, whatever it means, is in the middle of an authority sandwich. It immediately follows the Holy Spirit’s admonition for Titus to say the things which constitute “sound doctrine.” Could there be a sound church with faithful elders and godly members on that wicked (Titus 1:12, 13)  island where, according to historical accounts, pederasty was the order of the day and male prostitution was the norm? Apparently, the Holy Spirit thought so as the book is characterized by admonitions of how to be faithful and how to establish a faithful eldership. Oikouros is in the middle of the description of faithful characteristics of younger women. It precedes the warning, that if women fail to be the women described  in verses 3-5, the Word of God may be blasphemed (evil “spoken of” among the heathen peoples around them). That’s a serious proposition (See II Samuel 12:14 and I Timothy 1:20).

So, whatever is meant by Oikouros, it matters. It’s important. It’s part of what older women are to teach younger women in the church. It’s in the middle of an authoritative passage from the Holy Spirit. Let’s think, for a few postings, about this one little word and its ramifications in our culture of wealth today. It’s not at all important what Cindy Colley thinks, of course. But, when God has spoken, we should do whatever it takes to bow to His authority. I hope you will read on. Even if you might be reading knowing that you will likely disagree in the end, I still hope you’ll read on, and then write me that letter, so I can reexamine, too. It can never be wrong to re-examine our convictions, even when they end up staying exactly where we left them on some earlier day. I hope today is a good one for you!

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