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Shadows of a New Covenant (Digging Deep Clues for October)

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First Corinthians 10:11 refers to the things that happened in the Old Testament as examples that have been written for our admonition and learning. The Greek word for “admonition” carries with it the idea of a warning. When we see the miss-steps of the people of God, we should take note and avoid the consequences that result from a lack of faith and from disobedience.

I think Exodus has got to be one of the most practical of all Old Testament books. While not written directly to us, the chronicling of instances of ingratitude, disobedience, lack of trust and idolatry and the record of God’s displeasure at these sins give Exodus much to say to us about everyday living for God. It starts with a little basket floating a slave baby in the Nile and ends with a Pharaoh’s army having perished in the Red Sea. God floats what He wants to float and drowns what He wants to drown. He’s just emphatically in charge.

Exodus also teaches us about the new covenant by giving us types (events, figures or objects that foreshadow something in the future) of important components of redemption and atonement. I looked through the book of Exodus and made a list of terms we can find in the book that should make us think about events in the gospels and references in the epistles. So take time to read Exodus soon and look for these terms. Find their antitypes in the New Testament and keep notes about their significance in redemption’s story or in New Testament service to God. If you are participating In Digging Deep, this is a great starting point for October. (There are thirty-one terms in the list below, so you may even want to study one per day, as you read through the book this month.) If you have extra study time, you may even want to research and find out how each of the ten plagues was a specific affront to one of the false gods of Egypt.

Slaves, slavery
Without blemish
Lamb’s blood
Unleavened bread
Sojourner or pilgrim
Garments washed
Blood of the covenant
Mercy Seat
Blood of the bull
Sin Offering
Pleasing aroma or sweet savor
Holy place
Tablets of stone or stone tablets
Thirst, thirsty or thirsted

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