Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Seek Truth

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Scenarios, politics and “feelings” about absolute truth are all over the board today. But, guess what?… Truth is a thing. (Two plus two is four, diamond and cubic zirconia are different  in key ways, and babies are conceived of a male and female union.)  It has aways been and it always will be. Not only is truth an observable entity, it is unyielding to changing cultures, viewpoints, lifestyles and preferences. It does not flex with my own decisions and the consequences of my acceptance or rejection are unbending and unwavering. They are just not all immediate consequences and, thus, people think they can play with the truth expressed plainly by God in Heaven and proven through the centuries. “New truth” is never new. “New truth” is re-invented “truth” that’s “fluid” with my sin or my rejection of Heaven’s will. It is generally recycled falsehood.

As you read, I am speaking about the topic of “Slander vs. Speaking Words of Truth” at a women’s seminar.  Did you know the New Testament word for “slander” is almost always translated “devil”? It’s the word  “diabolos” from which we take our word “diabolical”. It literally means “false accuser” and Satan is the ultimate false accuser, of course. (Think Job here and Jesus in Matthew 4.) He accuses through the mouths of people today–though enemies of Christianity.  He slanders.

For today, consider several responses to truth and observe them around you:

Sometimes people don’t know truth, so they don’t act on truth. Sometimes they CAN know and they WANT to know, but they don’t yet know how to know. If they search, these people will find and act on truth. Sometimes people don’t know truth and they don’t really care that they don’t know, so they are not looking for truth. They, sadly, barring some jarring experience, probably will not ever act on truth. Sometimes people don’t know truth and they do not want to know truth. They actively build walls to keep from knowing truth. They will, unless they experience an attitude change, never act on truth. Sometimes people do know truth, and as they know more and more, they act on it. Sometimes people know truth and yet deny that it IS truth, though much evidence is presented. And sometimes people know truth and plan to act on it SOMEDAY, but time runs out before the action is taken. Only two categories of these folks are in a good place with God. I want to always love and cling to truth…about God, about salvation, about people, about circumstances. Seek truth.

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