Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Resolution: Loosen Up!

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It’s interesting to do a word study on “resolution”. Deriving from some Latin words, it originally meant an “unbinding” or “loosening” of something ( That’s kind of ironic since we think about it as “the making of a firm determination.” Still, there are senses in which we may actually unbind ourselves in the making of New Year’s resolutions. I know friends who are beginning the process of unbinding themselves from debt or a smoking habit or a negative attitude.

Do you want to loosen the grip of the world, lessen the stresses that bind your lifestyle, get out of the hold of hopelessness, or break free from elusive materialistic goals? I think my resolution is going to help me be more free than I’ve ever been in Christ. After all, it is the truth that makes us free and it is His Word that is truth. I’m sincerely hoping to loosen up the ties of worldliness that would keep me from my spiritual goals. More time in the Word has got to be a good thing!

The West Huntsville elders have asked us, as a congregation, to read through the Bible chronologically in 2011. They gave us each a laminated reading schedule and our preacher will be preaching from the texts from which we are reading. I’m really excited about this. The Colley family has found great joy through the years when we all read through a book at the same time. We found ourselves taking about the plot, the characters and philosophies presented. It’s going to be exciting to read through this, the Book of books, with my spiritual family. We can talk all year about its amazing redemptive plot, the characters that were “hands-on” in this grand scheme and the teachings that have made us family in Him. I think our elders are very wise to unite us as a family in the same daily scriptures.

So I’m listing below the readings for the entire year. Let me know if you resolve to do this. If you’re reading along and have comments about particular passages, be sure and let me know those, too. It could be that your thoughts could bless another who is following the comments on “Bless Your Heart”.

Here’s the schedule (just click on it to enlarge):

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